Which News Organizations are Shaking Down Bloggers?

Ahab over at The Republic of Gilead Blog has circulated an email with the warning that certain news organizations are shaking down bloggers over copyright issues.

The effect of these shake downs can be devastating.  Costs of thousands and dollars and, in some cases, the loss of your domain name.   The news organizations are even ignoring fair use laws in their pursuit of cash.

If you blog, your first line of defense against being shaken down for your life’s savings is to avoid quoting certain news sources.  To learn precisely which news sources are dangerous to quote, go to this article on The Box Turtle Bulletin Blog.   It’s very much worth you time to protect yourself.

6 thoughts on “Which News Organizations are Shaking Down Bloggers?”

  1. One of the commenters cited a post on Boing Boing noting that Righthaven just lost a federal suit against Democratic Underground and may be on the hook for their attorneys’ fees. Technically it sounds like they don’t even have standing to sue. People need to fight back against this frivolous bullsh** and drive them out of their crooked business. The attorneys representing Righthaven should be sanctioned under Rule 11 (federal rules and Utah has a sister rule — also Rule 11 under state court rules) for filing frivolous lawsuits and not complying with copyright laws.

    Personally I would never risk my professional reputation or my career like those guys obviously are. Credibility is all a lawyer has; and when that goes s/he has nothing. Let’s put them out of business.


  2. I concur, I would add that in this case, it would also fall under Rule 14 of the internet about as much as Rule 11. They are clearly trolling and should be prevented from filing any additional claims. Here’s what they are doing:

    1a) File a claim
    2a) Defendant settles
    3a) Profit

    1b) File a claim
    2b) Defendant goes to court
    3b) Move to have the case dismissed
    4b) Defendant must pay own legal fees

    Either way, the defendant has to pay money in some way.


  3. I’ve already made it a point not to post links from that list of news sources anymore. Thanks for sharing the Box Turtle Bulletin post on your blog — the more bloggers who are aware of the situation, the better.


  4. Thanks for this. It is horrifying. At least as a therapist I can buy malpractice insurance. We bloggers have zero protection. I’ve mostly just quoted the New York Times, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see them on the list soon. They are trying raise money every which way. I’m going back to at least shorten some of those quotes.


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