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The Murders of Rajiv Verma and His Girlfriend Renu Pal

…police believe that Rajiv Verma and his girlfriend Renu Pal were stoned to death by a mob of about 200 people, including many of the girl’s relatives.

The officer in charge of the investigation told the BBC that Renu’s mother was suspected of playing a leading role in the killings.

The couple were murdered apparently because of the mob’s “shame” that Renu, a student, should fall in love with her teacher, who came from a lower social group or caste.

BBC Report, May 5, 2011

Does anyone know of another species that murders its blood relatives?  And why wouldn’t natural selection weed out any tendency in our own species to murder our blood relatives?

9 thoughts on “The Murders of Rajiv Verma and His Girlfriend Renu Pal”

  1. The male bear will kill the cubs if the bear female is not around to protect them, same for many types of fish and squalls. Does this give some proof that man is an animal?


    1. It has always seemed strange to me that anyone would doubt humans are animals. We may be an unique species in many ways, but, so far as I can see, we’re still biologically and psychologically animals. I wonder why more folks don’t accept that?


  2. That is stunning, especially when you consider that mothers of various species do so much to protect and nurture their young. Polar bears (and other bears), wolves, and even moose come to mind. The mother instinct is an incredibly strong one. I cannot imagine the sickness of a mother — be it culturally conditioned or otherwise — who would kill her own child, and especially in such a cruel manner.


    1. Jiddu Krishnamurti once wrote about his father refusing to hug him after he (Jiddu) had tasted meat, CD. In a way, that is somewhat similar to this case of a woman killing her daughter. By which I mean, the woman — and Krishnamurti’s father — both elevated their stupid beliefs and ideologies above their love and compassion for another person (that is, if they actually had any love or compassion in the first place).

      The whole business of making mere ideas more important than real people can be sickening.


  3. It seems to me there’s a correlation between repressive religious belief systems and no birth control. Having tons of kids more than makes up in number for the few outcasts who are stoned, shunned, burned etc. for breaking ranks.


    1. I think you might very well be right, Squirrel. I was reading a Wiki article on honor killings the other day and the article stated:

      “There is a strong positive correlation between violence against women, and women’s lack of social power and equality on the one hand, and a baseline of development, associated with access to basic resources, health care, and human capital, such as literacy on the other – as research by Richard G. Wilkinson shows.”

      Very much in line with what you’re saying.


  4. Unfortunatly alot of animals kill their own. Think about pigs known to eat the weakest of their piglets. Nature is a cruel mother as well as a loving one…


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