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Is Belief in God Natural? Or Are the Early Reports Beginning to Stink?

It seems quite odd to me that early reports of the Cognition, Religion and Theology Project’s findings (reports to the effect that belief in God is natural) are coming out today without those findings — or any account of them — having been published in a peer reviewed scientific journal.  Furthermore, there is no mention anywhere in the early press that I’ve found of any intention to submit those findings to a peer reviewed scientific journal.  It is true the study is associated with the University of Oxford, but the thing is beginning to stink!

UPDATE:  The more I find out about these early reports the more it seems to me quite possible that the Project’s findings are being purposely distorted to make it look like they support the notions that (1) humans have an innate predisposition to belief in deity, and (2) that today’s religions are more or less the default religiosity of humanity.

I might blog more about this.

6 thoughts on “Is Belief in God Natural? Or Are the Early Reports Beginning to Stink?”

  1. Gotta find a recent article that cites a study that clearly demonstrated that in the absence of facts, the human body is hard wired to make up and accept, something, anything to make sense of this crazy world. IIRC the gist of the study was that showing fuzzy cards with barely discernable shapes and pictures in them and then programming a computer to randomly label guesses as mostly correct or mostly incorrect, no matter what the tested person guessed let to a condition with the (faux) mostly correct guesser became more and more confident of his/her answer.


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