I Am So Easily Amused

I have heard it said that not everyone is simple minded enough to be easily amused.  And, indeed, I know that rumor might very well have some truth to it because many of the people I meet both online and off fail to strike me as simple minded enough to be easily amused….

I’m sorry.  I took a break there for a moment to read the colorful back-of-the-box advertising on my milk carton.  Ah! Good times!

But where was I?

Oh yes, I was saying that many people do not seem to me to be simple minded enough to be easily amused.   But I’m pretty sure I would not know that fact if I had only myself to go on.  For instance, there are any number of reasons people blog.  Many people blog to improve their writing skills.  Or they blog because their therapist nags them to blog.  Or simply to express themselves.  But I myself got into blogging upon being told of the joy to be had by watching a stat counter turn over.   And it’s true!  My stat counter tends to turn over every six to twelve minutes during the busy hours.

Perhaps you can imagine how watching for when the counter will turn over builds suspense and anticipation.  Then, there’s the ever amusing climatic moment when another hit arrives.  Finally, one has a natural tendency to relax afterwards — often accompanied by a desire to smoke a post-hit cigarette.  Frankly, I am quite suspicious of people who must read entire novels to get as much excitement out of a plot as I get from watching my stat counter.  I wonder what kind of lives they must lead if they are so difficult to amuse?

Well, that’s all I really wanted to say on the subject.  I’m off now to boil some water, and perhaps wonder a bit about those impossible to amuse folks who actually require a TV in a world where watching boiling water is rollickingly good fun!

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