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Give a Comment, Get a T-Shirt. Maybe.

It could mean your downfall.

From July 1st through July 31st, any comment you leave on this blog might — just might — get you a T-shirt.  A T-shirt printed with the name of this blog and perhaps with a lie or two about what a good blog it is.

That’s because I’ve decided to give away a T-shirt to the reader whose comment strikes me as the best comment of the month.   The T-shirt will be entirely free to you: It will be delivered to an address of your choice without any charge to you, except for the embarrassment of owning a T-shirt that proves to your loved ones you perhaps read and sometimes even comment on the Café Philos Blog.  You should be warned: You might be sleeping on the couch.

But at least you’ll get to sleep in a nice, soft T-shirt.

So what’s the catch?  The catch is, I am the sole and only judge of what constitutes the best comment left on this blog from July 1 to July 31.  And I make no promises whatsoever you will be the lucky one person to receive one T-shirt that month.  Nor do I promise to use any objective, scientific, impartial, unbiased, or otherwise difficult means to decide who gets the shirt.  I’m going with the comment I like best (Full Stop).

Full terms and conditions for the giveaway, including contact details, will be posted within the next few days.  Anything I post later on naturally supersedes my earlier statements.  But you now have the basic, raw idea of the giveaway.

Just out of curiosity, when was the last time anyone gave you something in exchange for your opinion?  I’m genuinely curious if anyone else is doing something like this.  Let me know, please.

6 thoughts on “Give a Comment, Get a T-Shirt. Maybe.”

  1. OK Paul, I’ll bite. I’m always up for a challenge. Only since I’m a little lacking in the “intellectual” department I’ll probably have to lace my comments with sexual innuendo, cheap shots, and bathroom humor. — Anything for a free t-shirt.


  2. “Sexual innuendo, cheap shots, bathroom humor…” So, your strategy is to make your comments read like my better posts, eh? How ingenious!

    I am so glad you’re into this!


  3. I don’t want a T-shirt unless it’s terribly political, like a rant against the Koch Brothers or the dreadful 3 Rs, Roger, Rupert and Rove, and I don’t have anything to say except for stuff that is pathetically boring and political.

    Like the debt ceiling, for Chrissake!


    1. I find it quite understandable you would not exactly covet a “Cafe Philos” T-shirt, Karen. The reason I’m giving them away is because I quite understandably don’t want any such T-shirts either.


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