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Time to Commence Your Hankering…

Most Likely, You're looking at the coveted Cafe Philos Giveaway T-shirt!

Of course, I realize that hankering after strange flesh is significantly more exciting than hankering after a strange T-shirt — even if that strange T-shirt is hand crafted by the blog owner himself.  Yes, it’s true!  The design you’re looking at with lust in your eyes is my very own.  I’m so proud!

Granted, I fibbed a little.  I designed the shirt to read, “Fresh posts most days”.  Recently, that has not been true.  But it’s my intention to make it true enough soon enough.

At any rate, the above design — or something close to it — is very likely to be the design of the T-shirt I give away for the best reader’s comment in July.

Unless you’ve got some suggestions how to improve on it.

EDIT:  Songbird suggested that I add a graphic to the T shirt.  So, I’ve added a graphic.  Now there are two designs for the lucky recipient to choose from.   Lucky, lucky recipient!  Sleeping on that couch just got better looking!

Could this be the design you lust for most?


4 thoughts on “Time to Commence Your Hankering…”

    1. But of course I promote nudism! Although I have not addressed the issue much this past year or two, there must be in the archives somewhere between 25 and 75 articles on nudism, nudity, cultural attitudes towards nudity, and so forth.

      That’s not counting the “Saturday’s Nude Series”, of which there were at least 50. The Saturday’s Nude series was to demonstrate that nudity could be beautiful without necessarily being sexual.

      “Blog in the Nude Mondays” originated as a protest against the prudish over-reactions to nudity. I’ve been planning on bringing it back.


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