What Questions Would You Ask?

It’s Saturday!  Saturday is the day customarily set aside for fun.  So, what fun things are you doing today?

I woke up quite early this morning;  stepped outside to watch the growing light; whiffed in a good couple nostrils of the fresh dawn air; thought to myself, “I’ll pretend to be a door-to-door pollster today”.

Once the thought crossed my mind, I could hardly wait to get decked out in clip board, lab coat, and horn rimmed glasses.  Oh, what an exciting day I had planned!  “I’m authorized to give you this handsome coupon for 10% off on your next condom purchase if you will answer my short survey on which of your family’s pets you would eat first if snowed in for months.”

Unfortunately, a conflict arose that prevented me from following through on my plans.  For, on reflection, I felt my plans were deeply in conflict with my common sense.  Long-time readers might be surprised to learn that my common sense actually won out this once.

Nevertheless, I was kind of wondering…  What questions would you have asked?  That is, assuming you were me, and you spent a pleasant morning going door-to-door pretending to be a pollster, what would be some of the questions you’d ask?

Other than that, what are you doing today?


10 thoughts on “What Questions Would You Ask?”

  1. I sold an extra bass sax I had and I’m shipping it today. Then I’m off to the Woodinville Community Band ‘Summer in the Parks’ gig with my lovely wife. She plays Eb and Bb clarinet in this concert and I’m on the alto sax.


  2. Boy! You really asked for it.

    I’m trying to find out who’s backing the New America Now movement, a group that I think may be dangerously successful in propagandizing. Also, the silver-tongued Pastor Dowell.


  3. Applying the finishing touches to my kitchen renovation. Door/drawer handles, shelves in the pantry, install pantry door. Enough wasting time on the internet. Back to work!


  4. Went to try to find a dog to adopt–found one, and waiting on approval after they talk to our vet to make sure we’re responsible pet owners. other than that, goofed around watching movies and playing games on the computer and missing molly.


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