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Please Sign My Guestbook!

A while back I created a guestbook of sorts.  I made a blog page for folks to post  introductions of themselves.  So, I’ve been thinking: Anyone who posts an introduction ought to be thanked.   And that’s why, whenever I have a giveaway going, I am going to include in the pool from which the winner of the giveaway is chosen the names of the good people who have introduced themselves on this blog’s  “About You”  page.   What does that mean?

It means that, just by posting once on the “About You” page, you will enter yourself once in every giveaway that I conduct.  So, if I hold 12 giveaways this year, that means you gave yourself 12 chances of winning a free gift like a T-shirt, coffee mug, or journal.

Of course, you’ll want to post plenty of comments on the blog besides that one.  Every comment of yours that I toss into the pool is another chance for you to win a free gift.

When you go the “About You” page to introduce yourself, you’ll see I’ve posted three dozen or so questions.  Answer only those you wish to answer.  Or answer none of them at all, and make up your own approach to introducing yourself.  Your choice.

But whatever you do, please sign my guestbook!  Just once is all you need.

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