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T-Shirts for Comments!

Comments are Encouraged!

I welcome and encourage commentators on this blog.

Not only do I usually read every comment posted, but — beginning in July, 2011 — I aim to now and then pass along a gift, such as a free T-shirt, to one or another lucky commentator.

That commentator could be you!  But I make no promises that it will be you.   Nor do I promise to use any rational, scientific, objective, or otherwise difficult to implement system to pick which comments I think should earn their author’s a gift.

How Commentators are Chosen

In fact, I plan to employ a “Pick and Draw” system.  Here’s how a “Pick and Draw”  system works:  I begin by reading all the comments left on the blog during a particular period — say, during the month of July.  As I read them, I pick the ones I like best.

I make a record in a computer database of the comments I picked.  After the period is up, I ask the computer to randomly “draw” one comment out of all my picks during the period.

Shipping the Gift

The lucky author of the computer drawn comment is then emailed with the stunning news they have been chosen to receive a gift as the result of an objective scientific process that cost the lives of hundreds of lab animals in token gratitude for the comment they left on post such and such.

The recipient of the email will be given 14 days to respond.  If I don’t hear from them within 14 days, they will lose their eligibility to receive the gift.  I will then select a second person and offer them the same gift that I offered the first person.

Once I have heard back from an intended gift recipient, I will ship the gift to an address of their choice.  However, it must be an address that Cafe Press ships to.   If no such address is available, no gift will be shipped, and the intended recipient will lose all rights he or she might have possessed to the gift.

“What Can I Do to Earn a Gift?”

There’s nothing you can do to earn a gift.  The system is too arbitrary for that.  But you can do a few things that might help increase your chances of being chosen to receive a gift.  For instance:

  • Be courteous!  Rude comments — especially if the comments are directed towards other commentators on this blog  — will never make the first cut, except by accident.  I will always winnow out such comments.  And I am even  likely to delete them.
  • Comment frequently.  Your strikes will not be held against you.  Even if you make eleven passed-over comments in a row, I will still pick your twelfth comment for the computer draw if that one strikes my fancy.  And the more comments you have entered in any one giveaway, the greater the chance the computer will pick you.
  • Be comprehensible.  I don’t need perfect grammar, perfect spelling, perfect word usage — or even perfect logic — but I must be able to understand what you’re getting at.
  • Leave a valid, active email address when you are prompted to leave an email. You cannot comment on this blog without leaving an email address.  And your address will be used to contract you, should you be chosen to receive a gift.  So please leave a valid, active address.  Not one you check every two years, but one you check daily.
  • Acceptable comments that introduce you to me and which are  left on the blog’s “About You” page will always be included in the set of comments for the computer to draw from.  So, if you’ve posted a comment on the “About You” page, and it’s not, say, rude, then you will always be entered at least once in each giveaway.
  • Beyond the above, I make no promises.  However, if I know myself at all, then the comments most likely to strike my fancy will be in one way or another remarkable.  Not perhaps in all ways remarkable, but at least in one or two ways.  For instance:  They might be highly insightful.  They might be worded beautifully.  They might hint of remarkable compassion or kindness.  They might reference highly relevant or crucial facts.  They might be striking for their originality.  They might even make me laugh.

For the record, this is not a contest, but a giveaway.  The primary purpose of the giveaway is to thank commentators.  The secondary purpose is to encourage commentators.  And the tertiary purpose is to promote the blog.

The terms and conditions of this giveaway are  subject to change without notice and at my sole discretion.  Void where prohibited by law.  Current terms and conditions will be found on this blog page, and they supersede anything said here.

The first giveaway will be a T-shirt for a comment left on this blog during the month of July.  Have fun!

2 thoughts on “T-Shirts for Comments!”

  1. Aren’t giveaways fun? 🙂

    I’ve been reading (and appreciating) your blog, Paul, for almost as long as I’ve been blogging. I know I don’t often comment. Your thoughts make me think and well, I don’t always feel up to commenting as I am still learning to use words as much as I do pictures (you know me better from my Bountiful Healing blog rather than the one I’m most active on now).

    No prize necessary, btw. I just wanted to let you know I do read, think, and sometimes agree with you. 🙂


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