I Finally Get the Life I’ve Always Wanted…But with a Catch

Last night, I made love to six fascinating women.  Then I woke up.

22 thoughts on “I Finally Get the Life I’ve Always Wanted…But with a Catch”

    1. Perfect! One was a tenured professor of philosophy, two were starving avant garde artists, and the remaining three were a socially responsible lawyer, a biologist, and a physicist. I only woke up because I wanted to fetch another round of margaritas. Poor decision on my part!


    1. Actually, Donna, I was trying to slyly claim for myself improbable excellence in bed by implying that, while they had fine minds to start with, I was able to drive them crazy. Damn, but you called me on it!


  1. There’s no catch there at all. Dream time span, like hypnotic time span, is as distorted as required to fulfill the fantasy. It’s highly likely that six fascinating women in one real night would have felt highly rushed and frustrating. In dream time, it could go on and on and on. Much better than reality!


    1. Much better! 🙂

      I noticed though that an element of realism managed to sneak into my dream. Just as in real life, I possessed an improbable excellence in bed. Only in the dream, I had partners!


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