Is Google Blogger Having Problems Today?

UPDATE: The problem is solved.  It was the NoScript program on my browser.  Thank you Cujo!


Since late yesterday, I’ve been having a problem posting comments on some Google Blogger blogs.  I can see the comment boxes, but I cannot enter any text into them.  In addition, clicking on the “Follow me buttons” doesn’t work either.  Is anyone else having the same problem?

If you’ve got a moment, please go to Republic of Gilead, or another Blogger blog, and see if Blogger will allow you to enter text into a comment box.

Pop up comment boxes seem to be working for me.  It’s only the embedded ones that I’m having problems with.

8 thoughts on “Is Google Blogger Having Problems Today?”

  1. I was able to type text into the comment block at RoG, and I could look at it in preview, too.

    Are you using NoScript, or some simliar Javascript blocker?


      1. You’re welcome. You need to have several domains enabled for it to work with NoScript. I have gstatic.com enabled, which is sometimes required, sometimes not. By playing with allowed domains, you may get it to work.


  2. Blogger was giving me user-end problems as well this week. For example, on Thursday, I couldn’t see or access my followers list for a few hours. I didn’t realize this was going on as well. Hmm.


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