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Now Taking Comments on the Blog’s Comments Policy

I don’t know about you, but I find blog comment policies both regrettable and necessary.  Regrettable because in a perfect world they would not be needed.  But necessary both for the obvious reason that they are indeed needed, and for the perhaps slightly less obvious reason that’s it’s only fair to give readers warning of the rules.

The following is this blog’s comment policy.  It’s new in the sense I got around to posting it as a blog page only today.  It is not new in the sense that I have been enforcing if for sometime now.

● Comments must be civil.  Threatening, violent, bigoted, or otherwise abusive comments will be removed.  Commentators who persist in making such comments may be subject to further sanctions.

● Spam and other commercial activity is prohibited without the my  express permission.  In all likelihood, permission will be granted only for “noble causes”, such as to promote an organization like Thistle Farms.  You are welcome to apply for permission by emailing me.

● While conversations are enthusiastically encouraged and debate is more than merely permitted, propagandizing is not permitted.  Such comments will be removed.  Commentators who persist in making such commnets may be subject to further sanctions.

If you are uncertain of the differences between rational, civil debate and propagandizing, reading this article might help.  If you read the article and you are still uncertain of the differences, you are encouraged to email me with your questions.

I reserve the right to change my policy at any time.  Any such changes will be posted to this page.

I am open to your feedback on the policy.  What are your suggestions?  Should I include something?  Should I drop something else?  I will consider any advice you wish to offer.

Please note: If I make any changes to this policy in the future, I will post those changes to this blog page, but not necessarily to this post.

8 thoughts on “Now Taking Comments on the Blog’s Comments Policy”

  1. I like the rules you have set up. Pretty simple and straight forward. And fair.
    I also read the article and quite frankly find that it applies just as readily to those who propagate Anthropogenic Climate Change. I have followed the debate for several years and seen it all – panic mongering, character assassination, scapegoating, rewriting history and so forth. The treatment of anyone who expresses anything other than True Belief is what turned me from a True Believer into a very sceptical sceptic, much more than any science.


    1. Thank you! Unfortunately, I have not been following the Climate Change debate closely enough to have seen what you describe. But it would not surprise me if some propagandizing were going on. Propagandizing is the fashion today with all too many of us.


    1. You’ve never written anything on my blog –nor on any other blogs I’ve seen — that would violate my policy, CD: But does this mean you’re going to try? I fear I may have inspired you!

      In all seriousness, I was thinking if I get someone making, say, bigoted comments, I might talk to them first. If that doesn’t work, then I could escalate to restricting them from posting without my approval, banning them outright, or even contacting their ISP to lodge a complaint. That is, if I don’t go the sneaky route and just edit their remarks to make them look like a dog-fucking fool. 😀


  2. Paul: I had problem for a while some rather evil spam bots so I moderate comments (bots can’t read and don’t care about warnings). The humanoid equivalent gets the same treatment — their comments never appear (somehow hot Asian chicks don’t give me a thrill). My philosophy when I’m commenting is that I am a guest at every blog I visit and so I don’t say anything I wouldn’t say in front of my grandma — bless her soul. It works pretty well for me.


    1. Those spam bots will get us every time. Your “grandma policy” seems to work. But what if your grandma swore, fought and preached the gospel of door to door vacuum sales?


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