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Those Sexy Nudists Exposed! (But Safe For Most Work Environments)

If you have never spent much time at nudist resorts, it might seem counter-intuitive to you that people are sexiest when at least partly clothed, but it is true to at least my own experience.

I should have hundreds of memories of naked women from the times I’ve been to resorts.  And, there is both a way in which I do — and a way in which I don’t.

To illustrate: A young friend of mine is a former Victoria’s Secret’s model.  Over the years, she and I have been to nudist resorts somewhere between 20 and 40 times.  Out of all the times seeing her nude, I can only recall one image of her I associate with sexy, even despite her physical beauty.

That image comes from a late afternoon when I began wondering why I had so often been nude with Suzanne, but didn’t lump the memories I had of her nude in with my fondest memories of sexy women.  So I made a conscious effort to thing of her as sexy.  And it worked.  Even today, years later, if I reminiscence for awhile on the sexy looking women I’ve known, the image of her that afternoon is likely to pop up sooner or later.

I have at least three or four other images like that of women I’ve been to nudist resorts with.  Images I easily recall when I’m thinking of sexy women I’ve seen.  But in contrast to those images — perhaps less than half a dozen in all — I have seemingly endless memories of women walking down the street in tight shorts, short skirts, or flouncy dresses.

I imagine like most folks, I could spend a good hour or two — and probably have — just pulling up memories of sexy people I’ve seen in different venues — some from decades ago.  But so few are from nudist resorts.  I cannot be absolutely certain — memory is difficult to assess — but my guess is I have for the most part stored my nudist memories separately from my, “Wow! Look at her!” memories.

Now why is that?

Near as I can figure both from my own experience, and from talking with others about it,  nudists do not regard nudity as primarily a sexual experience, except perhaps when they are still novices at nudism.  Instead, nudity seems to be more an experience of openness, tolerance, and acceptance, than of sexuality.

That doesn’t mean the sexual feelings are entirely absent.  But those feelings are far from dominant. They are typically secondary — or perhaps even further down the ladder than secondary.  That is, in both my own experience, and — so far as I can tell — in the experience of many other nudists, you’re not oblivious to sex, but you usually become strangely insensitive to it.

I do not wish to give the impression I am against mixing sex with nudism.  For all I know, it would be mind-blowing to have sex at a nudist resort.  Nudity is a very emotionally intimate experience.  I can imagine adding to that physical intimacy.  And I know couples who do; I have yet to hear any of them complain.

Yet, so far as I can see, sex is not intrinsic to nudism.  I can see making it sexy.  But I don’t see it as necessarily sexy.  Indeed, it seems seeing someone on the street in tight pants is most often sexier than seeing them nude at a resort.

If that’s the case, why do you suppose that is?

10 thoughts on “Those Sexy Nudists Exposed! (But Safe For Most Work Environments)”

  1. There is no mystery when people are nude. It feels more like little kids playing in a sandbox and that isn’t sexy. But it is fun.

    Clothes send messages. No clothes says ‘I am comfortable and I am free’. Tight clothes say ‘look at me’.

    A young Muslim woman pranced by me yesterday with the head scarf covering every bit of hair. But, her pants were painted on, her blouse amplified her already ample bosom and her overly cinched belt gave extra hourglass. She was trying to be sexy and letting everyone know with no skin showing. I had just been at a naturist campground and was amused that nakedness and modesty are a natural pairing. No one pays attention if you are wearing the same thing as everyone else.

    btw- My husband was telling me that women wearing tight/short/low clothing are not distracting per se. However, when they are tugging at their clothes and trying to cover up, their uncomfortableness is very distracting. Do other people find this too?


    1. Your husband raises an interesting point, Nymph. I don’t have an opinion on exactly the point I presume he was making. But, on a closely related note: I find a difference between the feelings of sexual excitement I might have when seeing someone in revealing clothing, and the awkward feelings of embarrassment-for-someone that I might have when seeing someone trying to cover up. At my age, embarrassment-for-someone is more distracting than sexual feelings. But that might not have been true when I was 14.


    2. prairienymph, I find tugging and self-conscious clothing checks more distracting too. It makes me think someone purposely chose something that didn’t fit right or was uncomfortable for attention-garnering.

      And I find attire that contrasts a situation’s typical attire attention-drawing. If, say, at a wedding everyone wears tight dresses, and someone has on a loose, floor-length skirt and long hair in a braid, I’d wonder if she’s from a conservative Christian sect, and I’d glance at her several times out of curiosity.

      Paul, I think if public nudity were acceptable, the normal human body with all its variations and flaws would be accepted – instead of mass anxiety to look perfect and young.


      1. Paul, I think if public nudity were acceptable, the normal human body with all its variations and flaws would be accepted – instead of mass anxiety to look perfect and young.

        That’s a perceptive comment, Songbird. If nudity became more widely accepted, the cosmetic industry would have a fit — it might have a harder time selling products to more confident people. There is at least one scientific study indicating that nudity improves a person’s body image, confidence, and self-esteem. There are three other studies I know of that lend varying degrees of support to that.


  2. To me sexy is an attitude. Nudity for nudity’s sake isn’t that arousing. It needs context. But sexy can be pulled off fully clothed, skimpily clad, even in the nude under the right circumstances. I’ve never been to a nudist resort, although I’ve often said I want to do it once before I die.


  3. I have read so many stories of disappointed visitors to nudist camps that I have never had the desire to experience it myself. Don’t get me wrong, I luv a naked woman as much as any man. But as a age I can’t imagine that ever being something I would want to do.

    I am editing on an iPad and find that I can’t refer back to your post to make sure I am on topic. That’s a disappointing user experience too.


    1. I think it’s quite possible someone would have a negative experience visiting a nudist resort. Yet, I’ve only known one person out of dozens who actually did have a negative experience. He was a young man who thought his girlfriend was being seduced by a second young man, so the trip was rather spoiled for him.

      It’s quite conceivable though that some folks just wouldn’t like the experience. So, I believe I can see your point.


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