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Stolen From the Blogosphere (July 13, 2011)

A Movie Review

The film [I Saw the Devil] suggests that rage-fueled evil burns through people indiscriminately; that while rage and hatred are motivating the choices people make, nothing is learned, and the choices become less and less comprehensible to observers.

From “I Saw Someone Wrong on the Internet“, posted on Faith in Honest Doubt, by Dale.


It’s the Poor Who Buy Lottery Tickets

I wonder if a lot of us are lulled into accepting or promoting an unjust hierarchy in return for the fantasy of being on top.

From “Princess Fantasy“, posted on Prairie Nymph — Enjoying Metamorphosis, by prairienymph.


Traveling Beyond Jesus

I suspect, however, that a lot of people are not happy with simply rejecting God and Jesus out of hand. They want some sort of religious framework to build their lives around. I know that I do. That’s why I am a Daoist. The story of Kongzi and the swimmer is just as rich with meaning as the one of Jesus walking on the water, but it is totally compatible with the modern world.

From “Different Religions, Different Visions“, posted on Diary of a Daoist Hermit, by The Cloudwalking Owl.


Voting Republican for the Sake of the Flag

That tiny difference was enough to swing their voting preferences. Carter found that the volunteers who saw the tiny [American] flag became more likely to vote for McCain than Obama (relative to their answers at the start of the experiment). They claimed to feel more positive towards the Republicans and even when Carter tested their unconscious atittudes, a small Republican bias still came through.

From “Seeing an American Flag Can Shift Voters Towards Republicanism“, posted on Not Exactly Rocket Science, by Ed Yong.


Working in a Brothel

Its strange, in this context to provide the service that I do. Its all upfront and a routine by now. I introduce myself in the lounge and state my services, what I do what I don’t do, they either pick me or they don’t. Sometimes they ask me where I’m from, sometimes they don’t catch my accent at all. When they do pick me I lead them up to the room that the receptionist dictates, do a dick check and tell them to take a shower, make sure I point out where the soap and listerine is.

I return a few moments later with condoms and lube. At the end of the booking I straighten up the room. They hop in the shower while I make the bed and lay out fresh towels. I take another shower, the 3rd or 4th or 5th of the night. I wipe down the stall, put my dress back on and pick up the used towels and sheets.

Its safe, its regulated. But in some ways its devoid of all the creativity I used to love to put into my encounters. Maybe this is just the exchange you make for safety and consistency. Like any business I suppose.

From “Where Dreams Cum True“, (NSFW), posted on Sequoia Redd: What Would Lilith Do?, by Sequoia Redd.


A Tribute to a Fallen Friend

She was sad. Often. But this melancholy came as a natural response to the most open heart, the bravest soul, and an energy so attractive and kind, you always wanted to be near her, to cry to her, to have her on your side. She was one of the enlightened ones and I am not just saying that because she’s gone. I always knew it, rebelled against it, even hated it sometimes, just like some people hate it in me. But her heart, what a gorgeous heart. What a painful thing to have a heart that huge. It’s a splitting sound similar to the feeling of fingers tearing into the flesh of a coconut or a mango, something you want so badly your mouth is already watering when you begin to rip into it, but this ripping comes from the inside out, trying to break free and be in the world whole- God or Love or Some Terrible Glitch that meaninglessly and mistakenly makes some of us so cripplingly sensitive while others can watch all of the horrors of the world without wincing. It hurts to carry that splitting fruit inside of you. But, Jesus, what a beautiful way to be in the world. Barbara knew she could go at any moment and with that knowing, Barbara planted flowers and wrote to friends asking about our lives and fears and she refused medicine and chemo because she accepted death and wanted to be fully awake for it.

From “In Our Hearts They Are Staying There“, on Davka: Deer Girl Medicine, by Davka.

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