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What is the Definition of Evil?

What is your definition of  “evil”?

29 thoughts on “What is the Definition of Evil?”

  1. If the actor performs such actions any of the following:
    1) with malicious intent even if such consequences do not result
    2) without regard for others that could be impacted (unless due consideration is given to this with the conclusion that no others will be impacted) and resulting in unfavorable effects to those others
    3) with the expectation of favorable consequences for a specific group in which the actor is included at the expense of a second group unless such consequences are necessary for the safety of group one from the consequences of ongoing actions of group two, such responsive actions must be within the scope of only seeking to prevent the malicious actions of group two.
    4) under the guidance or coercion of another individual with expressed (to the actor) malevolent intentions.


  2. Pure and simple stupidity. Only the stupid choose to be evil.

    I am self-interested in survival. My survival depends upon the welfare and flourishing of others. We are all connected and we must look out for each other. It is in our best interest.

    Even animals know this, but demons, who are monstrously stupid, are incapable of this realization.


      1. I suppose that depends on what each one of thinks of as smart or stupid. And maybe that in turn depends at least somewhat on how far down the road you look.


      2. …depends at least somewhat on how far down the road you look.

        Well, a theist who believes in final reward/punishment (heaven/hell) may say that. Or a Buddhist who believes that a moral-karma-machines stings evil doers in the next life may think that.
        But I hold neither of those nor any varient.
        I see evil get a way with all sorts of stuff and never pay. I’d love to believe that ain’t true. But heck, there is lots of stuff I’d love to believe.


      3. Do you think I meant, by “looking down the road”, belief in an afterlife then? That’s the first I’ve heard of my belief in an afterlife. Why wasn’t I informed of this?

        You’re right, though. I should retract my statement. It’s poorly formulated at best and wrong at worse.


      4. It’s always a good day that starts with someone you just met on the net assuming you are so intractable to reason that he must resort to cheap tricks to make you think. I appreciate and am charmed by the insult.


  3. Any acts that thwart human flourishing. In more poetic terms, acts that snuff out the human spirit, such as oppression, exploitation, and unjust violence.


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