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And the Lucky Recipient is…

Back on July 2nd, Kay Dennison commented on a Café Philos blog post titled, “Chris Hedges on Lies and Truths in a Democracy”.  I liked her comment, and so I entered it into a database of the post comments that I arbitrarily liked best.

The database grew to nearly 100 comments by the end of the month.  Roughly about a third of all the comments left on the blog during the month made it into the database.  After the month ended, I used a random number generator to pick a single comment from the database.  That one comment happened to be Kay’s.  Consequently, she is to receive a cheap, gaudy Café Philos T-shirt — totally free to her — as a token of my lavish thanks for taking the time to comment on this blog.

Here is the comment she left that I entered into the drawing database:

I am in concurrence with the other comments here and rant about the state of our country a lot. I also am as active as I can be, for now, in politics. I’ve already committed myself to work on the coming election. Yeah, I’ll doing data entry, sorting mail or whatever but it’s all essential work and I urge everyone to get involved and best of all, you meet a lot of interesting, committed people! I was just involved — albeit marginally — with the We Are Ohio campaign that successfully did a killer job on getting a referendum to repeal SB 7 — the union-busting bill! I hope it’s a sign to the rest of the country that we can prevail!

Many thanks, Kay!

For the sake of variety, I’m thinking that this month’s giveaway should be a coffee mug.

4 thoughts on “And the Lucky Recipient is…”

  1. Thank you!!! I was delighted and surprised to receive this honor and will wear my new T-shirt with pride!!!!!!!!!

    I do believe that getting involved in politics is an important part of the democratic process. If one doesn’t sign petitions, write letters, vote, march, etc. our reps don’t know what we’re thinking (although I have a millionaire Tea Party rep who doesn’t care) and yeah, it can be an exercise in frustration but how else will can we let our our alleged leaders know what we’re thinking? Sitting back and screaming at the TV doesn’t accomplish anything. By getting involved, there’s a chance for change and you also get to meet a lot of good people! It doesn’t get better than that!!!!


  2. Kay must be thrilled to be part of a pool of such prestigious comments, as well as be the recipient of a cheap and gaudy (but what will soon be regarded as cult-classic) t-shirt!


  3. Yay, Kay! One of my favorite commenters, too.

    And a coffee mug would be delightful. Most of mine have old shrink jokes on them or “World’s #1 Mom”…keepers, but they’re all a little tired of each other.


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