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The New American Sport?

I suppose if it ever becomes an Olympic sport to put words into the mouths of atheists, Americans will take all three medals.  I ran across an especially flagrant example of that today.

Apparently, the woman thinks atheists — or “new atheists”, as she calls them — are all Pollyannas who are in some sense running away from “deep” questions like, “Why are we here?”, “What is life?”, “Why is there pain and suffering?”, and so forth.

It’s a new one on me that all atheists avoid the “deep” questions of life.


(H/T: Mock Ramblings)

5 thoughts on “The New American Sport?”

  1. So unquestioning acceptance of answers to all those questions by your religious leaders is thinking “deeply”? Here, answer this one: Why are so many religious people threatened by aetheists minding their own business?


  2. Those questions can be answered through Buddhism which is an atheist philosophy. While some Buddhist are theists, Buddhism itself is not.

    For my part, I don’t think of those questions as deep, I think of them as questions often asked to avoid responsibility. Why are we here? Answer: it doesn’t matter. What is life? Answer: Open thine eye Cyclops. Why is there pain and suffering? Answer: genetics, socio-economic conditions, geo-political conditions, and/or because Theist are selfish twits.


    1. Yes, if you don’t think answering a question is all that important, why is that considered “running from” the question? That seems to be what’s at issue here – they feel like they’re wrestling with these awesomely important questions, and we ask “What were you saying? I wasn’t paying attention.”


    2. @ E. Brown and Cujo: I’m of pretty much the same opinion. I don’t find the questions she was asking to be especially profound. Rather, I find Edward Abby’s and Jiddu Krishnamurti’s approaches to have more merit.

      Of course, she would count that as running away from her “deep” questions. But I’m not so sure that’s running away. Looks more like growing out of them to me.


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