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“A Liberated Chicks Take Shit From No One Moment” (Guest Post)

Please Note:  The following is a guest post from S. W. Atwell.   — Paul Sunstone

I recently had a Liberated-Chicks-Take-Shit-From-No-One moment.  It happened on one of our busier downtown thoroughfares.

There I was, blatantly walking about without my burkah, when I only added to my insolence by reflexively smiling at a man as he approached me walking in the opposite direction.  It was my closed-mouth friendly, urban midwestern smile. He told me I had a nice smile.

In a move worthy of Salome herself, I gave him my “Aren’t you nice, and thank you for saying so!” smile.  That’s the bold smile, the one where I show actual teeth.

Then, he added: “You just wanna be with me right this moment, don’t you?  Yeah, you just can’t stop yourself from wanting to climb all over me right here and now and–”

Whereupon I interrupted him by asking, “If I buy you a gun, will you promise to shoot yourself with it?”

© S. W. Atwell 2011

6 thoughts on ““A Liberated Chicks Take Shit From No One Moment” (Guest Post)”

  1. No, seriously, did he have a club? Was he rubbing two sticks together? Knocking flint, maybe? What a neanderthal!*

    *My apologies to neanderthals.


  2. I was witness to something very like that once. The incident will stay with me forever. The lady subjected to the lewd comments had another lady with her who I took to be her sister. Quick as you like, after the idiot had asked the young lady for a shag, her companion told him he was like an old dog chasing a bicycle. “What do you mean?” he asked, somewhat taken aback. “Well”, the companion replied, “you’re alike in this. If the dog caught the bicycle, he wouldn’t be able to ride it anyway.”.

    Myself and several others spent the next half hour or so with tears of joy falling into our beer. The idiot went home to work on his technique and that lady won a place in my heart forever.


      1. This is totally age-related. I remember the shock at age fourteen walking down the street in mini-skirts, starting to get harassed by males. Living in New York City for most of my young adulthood, I didn’t even have to make eye contact for harassment. It was wearisome. But now, suddenly sixty, I can smile at men again and just get boyish sweet smiles back no matter how young I think I look. Life is so interesting.


  3. I have a very serious-looking but attractive cuz who visited me when I lived in Pittsburgh and we did a wee bit of bar hopping. This was a hundred years ago in the dark ages, and the stupid dudes in the bar took offense because my cuz would not go all cutsey and invitingly smile at them.

    I reflexively smile and I realized then why the hell I was getting so many stupid come-ons from offensive men in whom I had no interest.

    How arrogant of the male sex to believe that any female in sight was ready to fall all over them.


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