Can You be Fashionable if…

If this is the cold and flu season, what does it say about someone’s fashion sense if they fail to come down with either a cold or a flu?

7 thoughts on “Can You be Fashionable if…”

  1. Having just had a flu shot this week, I now have a mild version of the flu. This always happens, but I’m required by work to get the shot because I work in healthcare. I am highly fashionable right now, napping most of the day and walking around the house with a tissue box leaving a trail of crumpled tissues wherever I go. The apex of glamorous.


  2. Tanya and I are right with the times. Battling away with the Grip as it is called here. As Mark Twain said about being ridden out of town on a rail, “If it weren’t for the honor, I’d rather have walked”.


  3. When it gets cold, fashion exits any place it had in my attire in favor of warm — Ohio winters are brutal!!!! I do try to at least maintain a bit of color sense but if temps drop to sub-zero, that ceases to be an issue, too.


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