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Any Doubters?

Is there any doubt that we Americans live in a plutocracy?  I’m curious if anyone doubts that.

24 thoughts on “Any Doubters?”

  1. Of course the U.S.A. and Canada live in a ploutocracy. No other than the filthy rich or the utterly corrupted by the filthy rich can afford to play the political game.
    Heck even our own “socialist” N.D.P. currently looking for a chief allows the runners to spend up to 500 000$ for their campaign and the candidates (9 so far) had to deposit 50 000$ to be eligible.
    I’m totally out of the running.


    1. I kind of thought Canada was a bit less of a plutocracy than the US. But your remarks don’t leave with me with much but to change my opinion, Paul.

      One sad thing about making money the gate to running for office is many of our best people cannot or will not play that game. Thus we are robbed of some of the best choices.


  2. Plutocracy. Oligarchy. Corporatocracy, Kleptocracy, Fascism, et al.
    Get the money out of political campaigns and support OWS.


  3. Hey, where’s the plutocracy the blog title promised? I’m not leaving until I get a government established on Pluto.

    The real topic has me catatonic. Excuse me while I drown my bourgeois sorrows in Oreos.


  4. Doubt it? HA! The reports of police brutality coming out of the OWS protests, not to mention the stranglehold that corporations have on our political process, should dispell any doubt.


  5. Speaking of plutocracy, I see that Kaddafi’s son has been captured. The fool was traveling in a convoy on the bloody desert.
    Plutocrats must always remember that when the revolution begins, the plutocrats must learn to travel without convoys, It makes them more difficult to spot.


  6. Had you asked me during the 1970s, I probably would have said yes, I have doubts. I might even have argued that it was possible that we didn’t have to live in one.

    None today, though.


  7. I don’t doubt it a whit. I would throw kleptocracy and tenderpreneurship into the mix., too.

    I am so glad you’re posting again and so sorry to have just now noticed. I’ve got catching up to do. Things are much too exciting these days to stay sidelined, aren’t they?


  8. Remember the Golden Rule:
    “Whoever has the gold, makes the rules.” — J. Paul Getty

    Glad you’re back — I’m bogged down with life, the universe and everything so I’m slow on comments. Sigh. Mea culpa.


  9. What organized State society has NOT been a “plutocracy”?

    Even Denmark.

    Have you looked at the price of Bang and Olufsen electronics? Or taken a gander at the aristocratic monuments all spiffy and well polished in Copenhagen? (Gosh…what a magnificent city. Makes American cities look utterly pathetic).

    The United States is just more…savage…about its plutocracy. It reflects our history as a violent, genocidal conqueror people.

    Can’t be “reformed”. Why would there be any reason for the elites to accept serious reform. Can there even be “reform” as any State established “post revolution” will be coopted pretty quickly. I have to say that the only thing worse than a state run by plutocrats may be a state run by religious bureaucrats and preachers (theocracy) or a state run by humorless left wing “intellectuals”.


  10. You need to hang around some of the more…virulent and purist…anarchist and lefties on the web, Paul. Any time spent not pondering the need for revolution is severely chastised!

    Some serious chips ons shoulders out there.


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