I Gave Up Coffee, But…

I gave up coffee a few weeks ago.  Ever since, I’ve slept better.  But I suspect I’ve slept better because, without coffee, there hasn’t been any good reason to wake up.

21 thoughts on “I Gave Up Coffee, But…”

  1. I try to avoid drinking coffee later than early afternoon. Sometimes that helps. I don’t see how I could give it up in the morning, because until I’ve had a cup it doesn’t feel like the morning’s started.


  2. Coffee! Coffee coffee coffee!!!!

    I didn’t have any this morning, and I’m sitting at my desk yawning like crazy. My sister, also known as She Who Must Be Obeyed, has ordered me to stop and get a coffee on the way to my early afternoon doctor’s appointment.


  3. Good one.

    I really love a good cup of coffee, have since I was about ten!

    Has to be good though, I currently use a Nespresso Krups machine, makes great espresso/cappuccino with very little mess.

    For some people it may be a good step to give up coffee, it is a bit hard on the body. But for me it never seemed to change much when I did give it up (for stomach pains back when). And when used within limit, a couple cups a day, I love it.

    (I know a gal who used to drink TWENTY MUGS a day. Now that’s addiction.)


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