A Trivial Question About Dreams

It seems most of us have at one time or another had an experience of awaking from a dream with the feeling that the dream was important — more important than most dreams.  I wonder if we have that feeling of importance because the dream really has some importance to us — some significance beyond our mere feelings about it — or if that feeling of importance is as much an illusion as can be the content of the dream itself?   In other words, are “important dreams” important because they import something?  Or is their feeling of importance as much of an illusion as the unicorn or flying toad that we might dream about?  Not that the answer matters much.  But I’m curious what you think might be the case.

7 thoughts on “A Trivial Question About Dreams”

  1. I think that dreams are important. They may not all be prophetic, but they are all attempts by your brain to make meaning out of this craziness called life. So if a dream feels extra important, then its probably because your brain hasn’t quite figured out whatever it was working on, or maybe it has but you woke up too soon.


  2. Well, William James wrote down a very important dream… and when he came fully awake and read what he had written, the whole record read: :”Overall there is a smell of fried onions.”

    I think the sense of meaning may be an artifact, in some cases. Perhaps not all.


  3. It kind of depends. I think dreams can be important; I once had a nightmare that, on waking reflection, convinced me that I really needed to find a new job – right now. That one felt important because it was basically my unconscious trying to tell me something.

    On the other hand, I’ve had plenty of nightmares that felt scary when I was in them, but weren’t much of anything when I woke up and looked back on them. I think dreams can feel important in much the same way.


  4. All dreams are important. I often used to have the most boring, tedious dreams because the only thing I remembered was my damned brain doing its night work, filing away the events of the day.
    Even so, it was important that the brain accomplished these tasks because it clears clutter away from the daily slate of events and decision-making.
    I put in a request for a bit of a story line and adventure and, just in case, took some Vitamin B6 to spice up the the connexions amongst the neurons, interneurons, et al. I’m still not convinced that B6 is an agent of dreams, but either the B6 or my convictions that it would act as such prompted a better genre of dreams.
    My problem is that I earlier forbade nightmares and I think that prohibitions of that sort are disgusting to the creative brain so it decided to give me a diet of pablum and tedious filing.


  5. The First Nations People attach much importance to dreams, they even hang dream catchers to capture their dreams and prevent them from escaping. Maybe our western minds are too cerebral and emotion negating to fully capture and accept the meaning of our dreams.
    As others wrote, they may be a mean for our unconscious to tell us something that we are deaf to.


  6. Our subconscious minds keep whirring away as much in the background when we are awake as when we are asleep. Certain dreams will arouse more interest because they are in tune with the themes you are working on throughout your daily life. If you want to know yourself better, follow them, read them well, they are signposts for your journey.


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