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Readers Will be Appalled to Learn…

I just wrote a nice little blog post on the marketing of religions.  A nice little blog post.  But something went wrong when I hit the publish key and, hence, it didn’t publish.  Instead, I lost the document.

Now, there are at least two ways of taking that sort of thing when it happens.  The first way is to shed quiet tears over your loss, then move on.

The second way is to shamelessly use the occasion to insufferably brag about what a great document it was (now that all the evidence that could disprove such a bold claim is gone).

Which road is the high road? Which road would a dignified blogger take?

To hell with which road is the high road!  And since when have I been a dignified blogger?

“Readers will be appalled to learn that the blog post proving beyond doubt I am the Hemingway of  the blogosphere was tragically eaten by the internet today….”

14 thoughts on “Readers Will be Appalled to Learn…”

  1. Not to cast doubt on the quality of your work, but are you sure you lost it? If you go to your dashboard and click on Posts/All Posts on the left hand side, it may still exist in draft form.


  2. This happens to me SO OFTEN.

    In fact, the more I’ve written, the greater the chance that it’ll happen and the auto-save draft will be useless. I’m thinking about writing posts in word or some other place first and then transferring to wordpress…


  3. There are not words to express how I hate when that happens. When it does, I usually just accept fate and let it go. I hate redoing things. Besides, I need all the practice I can get with my writing.


  4. Aw, man! I would have loved to read your post on that topic. I’m sorry to hear that you lost your post. For what it’s worth, it’s happened to a lot of bloggers (myself included, recently), so you’re not alone.


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