Prostitution as an Art?

Banning prostitution is one of those social experiments that has never — so far as I know — worked very well no matter where it’s been tried.  So, it seems to me the obvious solution is to turn prostitution into a performance art.

That’s to say, the only thing I’ve heard of that is crazier than turning prostitution into a fine art form is attempting to abolish it.  We could begin by rounding up the prostitutes and sending them off to “courtesan academies” where they would learn 110 ways to pleasure their customers.  Then, we could require the johns to be registered.  Any johns that did not go along with the arts idea could have their registration revoked and thus be ineligible to engage a prostitute.

Best of all, the more artsy we can make prostitution, the fewer people will engage in it.  After all, who supports the arts in this country?

2 thoughts on “Prostitution as an Art?”

  1. I have always been enormously intrigued by the old civilizations that had temples of sacred prostitution. And, interestingly enough, despite the pious snarls of the Jewish tribe in decrying the evils of such religions, I find Jewish mythologies rife with sacred figures from those religions, remade as one of the four angels of something or other.
    In regard to the temples erotic, I wonder ceaselessly about the plight of those poor women who were too ugly to remit their obligations to the god or goddess of whatever and were doomed forever to be denizens of such holy brothels.
    Perhaps, if they come from a wealthy family, they may be able to buy their way out.
    But, in the end, prostitution, sacred or secular, makes sex a commodity, as does marriage in many cases, and one may add lipstick to the capitalistic pig of commoditization but it’s still a pig.
    The only way to end prostitution, if that is possible, is to make women totally equal economically, socially and politically. One must not forget, however, that there are also male prostitutes as well as female prostitutes, and an enormous imbalance in wealth and power in our society.


  2. After all, who supports the arts in this country?


    I think the best approach is to make it a regulated industry. I doubt that there’s a single country on this planet that can honestly say it has no prostitutes. Instead of spending so much time and trouble denying human nature, maybe we could just admit to ourselves that it’s going to happen and make it safer for both the workers and the customers.


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