This Shall Not Endure

A few weeks ago, I gave up coffee.  And while I’ve been sleeping much better since that fateful decision, my overall enthusiasm for life has dropped off noticeably.   So when I was in the store today, I picked up a can of the stuff “for special occasions”.

Naturally, the first special occasion occurred the moment I got home.  “Hey I’m home!  What an occasion!  I’ll make some coffee!”

I’m not sure the “special occasions” rule is gonna last.

5 thoughts on “This Shall Not Endure”

  1. I think that people’s physiologies just work differently. Some folks are just naturally “up”, and others need a little boost. Coffee qualifies as a little boost, I think. Some tasks that I’m not really looking forward to are easier to face once I’ve had a cuppa.

    Maybe some day we’ll treat addictions as attempts to correct body chemistry issues instead of character flaws. I think treatment for some addictions will be a lot more successful when we do.


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