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Rush Limbaugh — Master of Creditability

As I turned on Rush Limbaugh’s radio program today – randomly – I was met by Limbaugh saying that liberals have been openly advocating communism for two decades now and that Barack Obama wants to be re-elected so that he can install a communist regime.

Hume’s Ghost from The Daily Doubter blog.

Are there still some folks left who are naive enough to unquestioningly believe Rush?  Or has he finally reached the point that even the biggest, most gullible fool among us no longer believes him?

5 thoughts on “Rush Limbaugh — Master of Creditability”

  1. Oh no!!! The Dittoheads are alive and well and as ignorant as ever!!!! The faithful call in on to a local talk radio show here on a daily basis to repeat the Limbaugh lies. The host (a moderate Republican who I know personally and send jokes) is polite to them and I keep asking him why.


  2. “Are there still some folks left who are naive enough to unquestioningly believe Rush?”

    In a word, yes. They watch reality TV, prefer validation to truth, and get all emotional and supportive when Rick Perry admits he lacks the intellect to run this country (without his invisible friend who lives in the sky).


  3. Kay and CD: A part of me knows there are still folks stupid enough to believe Rush Limbaugh. But I just can’t seem to reconcile myself to it. Hence, I keep hoping for a different answer than the one I know is coming.


  4. I listen to Rush once or twice a week for 20 minutes on the drive to work just to keep abreast of the bullshit he’s feeding the faithful. The faithful always squeal with delight that they’re soooo honored that he deigns to speak to them and do everything but kiss his damn ring!


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