The Truth About Cats

Sunstone: “Hi Sakeenah! Good to see you in the chat room again, but please be quiet. Be very quiet.”

Sakeenah: “Hi Sunstone! What are you doing?”

Sunstone: “I’m hiding.”

Sakeenah: “What are you hiding from?”

Sunstone: “I just saw a cat in my neighborhood. So I’m hiding.”

Sakeenah: “You’re hiding from a cat?”

Sunstone: “Sakeenah, cats are vicious, vicious animals!”

Sakeenah: “No they’re not. They cute! And they purr.”

Sunstone: ” I can prove to you they’re vicious!”

Sakeenah: “How can you prove that?”

Sunstone: “Sakeenah, just how often in your life have you heard someone say they were randomly attacked by a cat while walking down the street?”

Sakeenah: “Never! No one ever says that!”

Sunstone: “You know why? It’s because when cats randomly attack someone, they always eat the witnesses!”

Sakeenah: “I think I will pray for you, Sunstone. Often, now.”

13 thoughts on “The Truth About Cats

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  2. I think I shall pray for you too. Really though, besmirching the name of the cat species. What have the little fur balls ever done to you? I mean, they’ve clearly never attacked you, since you’re uneaten and all.

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