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“A Poem to My Younger Self” by Rebekah Blake

Note to Readers from Paul Sunstone: 

I am pleased to post for you a poem by Rebekah Blake, who is a blogger at Who I Was.  Rebekah says she usually blogs about “unrequited love and heartbreak” but decided today to compose a poem on a different subject for International Women’s Day.  As it happened, the subject she chose is one near and dear to my own heart:  Being true to oneself.  I hope you enjoy her work as much I do!

A Poem to My Younger Self

When I was growing up
I thought I had to choose
Between picking fights or ladylike
Pretty pinks or shades of blue
So I wasn’t like the others
Feeling proud in my unique
Playing into the façade
That girls are something weak
But I want to tell my younger self
Some things that I have learned
There’s no wrong way of being you
And womanhood has no points to earn
Whether you’re sweatpants and Starbucks
Or dressed ready for a fight
Seek first to understand
Before you argue to be right
You still have a ways to go
And more mistakes that you will make
But if you admit when you are wrong
You’ll find the spark in you awake
To be true to who you are
And kind to the truth of others
You’ll find that women are strong
No matter their shape, size or color
One day you’ll stand in unity
With sisters by your side
Knowing this is what we need
To be a woman in this life.

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