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“Social Fretwork” by Dermott Hayes

(About a 1 minute read) 

Note to Readers from Paul Sunstone:  I am very pleased to republish with permission here a beautiful poem by Dermott Hayes, who blogs at “Postcard From a Pigeon”Among other things, Dermott is a distinguished journalist, novelist, poet, and, most recently, a film maker. Please enjoy Social Fretwork!

By the way, there is a video of Dermott reading another one of his poems, City of Thought,here.

I posted a thought,
it flew away
down through dark, cavernous
to bump and grind
with other lonesome thoughts
in the hotbeds of social fretworks.

And worried then
where it might go
unguided, misunderstood
to liaise, frolic and fret
argue, debate,
in a world of posts,
away from me,
gone, awaiting its return,

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