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Beloved Readers, I Need a Favor From You

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Dearly Beloved Reader,

Have you ever wanted fame, recognition, appreciation for who you are — but at no substantial cost to yourself in terms of years and years spent working for it?

Well, if so, then I have fun and exciting news for you!  While I cannot quite promise you fame, I can certainly guarantee genuine recognition and appreciation are now within your grasp!  Best of all, you can have both for the low, low cost of a mere few short minutes of your time!

How does it work?  Well, as you might have noticed, I have an “About You” page on this blog in addition to the usual “About Me” page that you see on most every blog these days.  That “About You” page is a great space for you to tell me and other readers something about yourself.  And you will be so appreciated for taking a moment to do it, too!

Your post on the “About You” page helps me to visualize who I am writing for.  It allows me to gain insight into what sort of topics might interest you, and into how I should write about them in order to improve your reading pleasure.  You would really be helping me out if you could take a moment to post about yourself!

It’s a simple thing to do, and I’ve tried to make it even easier by posting a list of suggested questions to get your creative juices flowing when describing yourself.  By no means do you need to answer all of them, or even most of them. You can do that if you want, but if you don’t want to answer all of them, just pick the ones you like and answer those.  Or make up entirely new questions of your own to answer!

Some of the questions are pretty straight-forward: “Were you a favorite child?”

Others are intended to be humorously fun: “What is the only real reason you are not King or Queen of the Universe?”

And still others are perhaps more thoughtful and reflective: “What are the two to six most beautiful things you’ve seen in your life?”

Remember, you are free and under absolutely no obligation to use any of the questions.  But please do drop by the “About You” page to introduce yourself.  Not only will you gain easy-to-earn recognition and appreciation from me and perhaps other readers, but you will be profoundly helping me to make this blog a great blog to visit!  And you sure want a great blog to visit, don’t you?

Please do it as soon as you can!

All the best,


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