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Signaling Jupiter

(About a 2 minute read)

Signaling Jupiter

Her parents had cruelly raised her to believe
She was the adopted child of wandering space aliens,
And not their own flesh and blood, which led her
From an early age to spend nights at her window
With a flashlight signaling Jupiter.  Years later
I found her, still not disillusioned by then, working
The streets as a freelance jumper-cable consultant
Who for a fee would tell you which cable went where.

By then I couldn’t save her from her entrenched insanity,
But I brought her home anyway under the pretense
Of needing a house maid when in truth I was looking
For cheap labor to help me genetically engineer the cats
That I planned to sell as designer pets — once I had
Gotten them to glow in the dark like jellyfish.

Yet, it was not until the months had leaped past nearly a year
Before we became friends, for one night she came to me
Dressed in her tragic aluminum foil hat and pajamas to ask
If I wanted to stay up and signal Jupiter with her.  Better yet,
I said, let’s coax the moon to look in through your window
And upon your white sheets where we’re making love.

The happy years rolled by then
Like plump sausages off an assembly line
Until the day I lost her when
Her aged parents returned to claim her as their own.
And the last I ever saw of my love was her wave to me
From the ramp of her family’s saucer.

10 thoughts on “Signaling Jupiter”

  1. Sorry Paul. If it doesn’t rhyme, it’s not poetry. This is gonna be the only post of yours that I read but didn’t ‘like’. I flipped through, noticed no rhyme scheme, and dropped down to comment.

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    1. I will defend to death your right to dislike my poem, Aayush! I’ll still call it “poetry” though. After all, free verse has been a recognized poetic form for at least 150 years now. This is one time I’m sticking with tradition!

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      1. I see how you used and manipulated the information from my ‘about you’ post. I think free verse if too easy. You don’t have to put in much effort. I consider Eminem’s raps to be true poetry. (I’d recommend you listen to Stan)

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      2. LOL! Hold on now, Aayush! What do you mean by “manipulated”? Are you seriously going to claim possession of Voltaire’s famous saying? I’ll take your advice and listen to Eminem sometime this week. I’ve read quotes of his that you’ve posted on your blog and they’ve struck me as pretty sound. Is “Stan” one of his raps?

        As for your appalling notion that free verse is too easy to be poetry, please go to Walt Whitman’s grave and apologize profusely — tears are not optional here, but mandatory — unless, of course, you can do better than Song of Myself. If you can actually do better, I’ll make the pilgrimage myself. 😛

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