An Important Message From the Monotheism Relief Fund: Please! We Need Your Help Now!

TRIGGER WARNING: Be advised that some of the words in this post may conjure up disturbing images of the profound misery and suffering that can be caused by Abject Theistic Impoverishment, or ATI.

Dear Soul,

Over seven billion people are alive on our wonderful planet today, and for most of us, religion is a rich source of wisdom, security, and comfort. But did you know that is not true for everyone?

Sadly, there are people on this earth who at this very moment live in horribly abject theistic poverty. Decent people. Good people. Perhaps even neighbors of yours. People who mostly through no fault of their own were born into religions that have but a single god! Yes, just one — and only one — god!

Hard as it might be for those of us who are better off to imagine, literally billions of unfortunate people at this very moment are forced to survive their day to day existence living as monotheists! Each night, these poor souls go to bed with only one god to pray to.

Yes, as unimaginable for most of us as it is, billions of theists today exist merely one step away from no gods at all, and the dire heartbreak of atheism! Atheism!  Humanity’s oldest philosophical scourge!  No one deserves to be but one step away from it.  No one!

Can you help?

Here at the Monotheism Relief Fund, we are passionately dedicated to providing blankets, warm clothing, shelter, food, and vital copies of polytheistic literature to the world’s abjectly impoverished monotheists. But we cannot do it all by ourselves. We need your help.

Please donate generously to the Monotheism Relief Fund by calling, 1-800-ANOTHER-SUNSTONE-SCAM now! Have you credit or debit card handy!

Act now and with every donation of $25 USD or more, we might or might not send you a precious four volume copy of Joseph Campbell’s The Masks of God — which is veritably an encyclopedia of deities through the ages!

You CAN make a difference! Act now!

10 thoughts on “An Important Message From the Monotheism Relief Fund: Please! We Need Your Help Now!”

  1. The One True God was quite jealous.
    To adore Him alone he would tell us.
    On a rampage he went-
    Fire and brimstone he sent
    When Paul Sunstone a scam tried to sell us!

    Ha ha. Welcome back.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Aayush! It’s so good to see you again! How’s my favorite adolescent genius doing? Still hopelessly misguided about politics while yet capable of generating brilliant ideas?

      I’ve been doing fine. Just going through a dry spell when it comes to writing blog posts. Nothing to worry about. Thanks for asking!


      1. Yep. Same as ever. Though if you think my current political ideas are misguided, wait till you hear of my newest ideas, lol.

        Speaking of dry spells, I just read another post of yours where this friend of yours puts her hands in your pants and you still don’t get laid. Come on man, up your game a bit (innuendo intended) (hopefully not offensive, and none was meant)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. ROFL! “Up my game”! As a teenage male, it probably has not occurred you yet that some women are desirable to have as friends but not as lovers. Jennifer was that to me. She and I tried sex soon after we first met, but only to discover we were incompatible in that way. It didn’t affect our friendship though.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I suppose you’re right. I think it has to do with supply and demand. When you grow older, you get laid more as compared to your demand for that event, and thus it’s value decreases to an extent where you do not wish to derive that outcome from certain individuals.


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