“My Pet has Died. Please Pray for Her!”

(About a 1 minute read)

PROSELYTIZER: Hi! Just dropping by your cottage this morning to ask if you’ve found Jesus?

SUNSTONE I’m so sorry. I can’t talk now. I’m mourning a recent death in my family. Pets are family, aren’t they? (Wipes his eyes)

PROSELYTIZER: That’s terrible! I feel so bad for you. My beloved dog passed away last fall, and she too was just like family to me! She was with us for fourteen years. Yes, I know how you must feel. I’ll leave you to mourn in peace now.

SUNSTONE: Please! Can I ask you to pray with me for my pet?

PROSELYTIZER: Well, dogs don’t have souls that I know of….

SUNSTONE: But she was so good! And she never hurt anyone!


SUNSTONE: Please! You must know a suitable prayer. Just a brief one!

PROSELYTIZER: I suppose the Good Lord won’t take offense this one time. It is your hour of need, after all. What was the name of your dog?

SUNSTONE: Not a dog. An ant. I have an ant farm and I don’t name them.

PROSELYTIZER: I have to leave now. Like, right now!

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