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Run! Run! Sunstone, the World’s Most Blundering Poetry Critic, wants Your Poem — Bad!

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Do you enjoy composing poetry?

Are you grateful for feedback from your audience, but sometimes think your audience isn’t challenging you enough to fully help you develop as a poet?

Would it help you to grow and mature as a poet to have an honest, but admittedly non-expert, critique of your poetry to print out and burn for heat this coming winter?

Are you willing to have one of your poems published on this blog, along with just such a critique?

If that sounds like you, then I have great news!  I myself — despite Teresum’s sensible protests and despairing sighs — have decided to indulge my hand as a critic of poems.  Hopefully, a helpful one!

I’ve never done it before, and I’m not sure I really can, but I’ll give it a shot, if you will.  I promise I’ll do my best with your work — whatever “best” turns out to mean.

Simply email me at with your poem and a link to your blog or website (if you wish) so I can tell folks where to find your work.

Please Note:  I cannot promise to criticize your poem because I am such a rank amateur that I might not even understand it — so no guarantees here!  But if I do attempt a criticism, then I faithfully promise I will make every reasonable effort to be as helpful and honest as I can be.  I’ll try to look at both the positives and negatives.  And — above all else — I will shoot for giving you some nutritious food for thought.

Once again, simply email me at with one of your poems and a website address.  (If the poem is somewhat obscure, it would be very helpful if you’d clue me in to what you hoped to convey with it.)

11 thoughts on “Run! Run! Sunstone, the World’s Most Blundering Poetry Critic, wants Your Poem — Bad!”

  1. So kind of you to offer, Paul, but you see, I wouldn’t accept your kind critiques for the same reason I would never take a writing class. If I did, it would go something like this:

    Teacher: “Nice work to start, Carla, but don’t you think it could use some work with respect to…”
    Me: “No.”
    Teacher: “If you resolved to read so-an-so’s esteemed work and pick up some points of style…”
    Me: “No.”
    Teacher: “It would be a great exercise for you to re-write this portion of your poem…”
    Me: “Not on your life.”

    When my work is finished, it’s finished, and it says just what I want it to say. I’m stubborn that way.

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  2. You want to critique poetry? I’d love it if you’d go through some of mine. I paid to join Fan Story (an online writers group) a couple of years ago, simply because I was promised honest critiques. We all wrote critiques on each other’s work. Very few writers were honest, for fear of causing offence, and some writers did get offended when they were given helpful – and usually tactful – advice. It was all very disappointing.

    I’ll be back…


    1. I would love to! And it would be an honor to boot. But I need a bit of help. First, an email from you so I can contact you with any questions I might need to ask. I probably won’t have any, but it’s good to be able to get help. And second, could you help me by pointing me to, say, a half dozen poems to study that might be of particular interest?

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