The Strangest Nightmare!

The strangest thing this morning: I woke up remembering a nightmare I’d had last night.  But I didn’t remember waking up during the nightmare.

It was like I’d had the nightmare in my sleep, but instead of waking up, I had gone on to sleep until morning

Right this moment, I can scarcely believe how bad it was.

Maybe — just maybe — the worse of my life.  I’m 61.

I know my heart beat so hard last night during the nightmare, I thought it would break a rib.  I thought someone was banging on a coffin, and I was in it.

What was it about, you ask?

It was this: I dreamed I had met an Australian woman named Teresums about a year ago. A woman who had become this blog’s editorial assistant, and then — then she had begun tormenting me, really tormenting me, night and day.  A demon!

But suddenly this morning when I was thinking about it, it all became clear:  I had it all wrong!  This morning, I was NOT remembering a nightmare.  I was remembering my life over the past year.


14 thoughts on “The Strangest Nightmare!”

  1. For a second, I thought Teresums might be Sunstone spelled with the letters jumbled, but then I realized that, though they have the same number of letters, Teresums has NO NO and Sunstone has NO MR even though he is a MR.

    However, I didn’t lose any sleep over it. 😦


  2. to even remember a dream is commendable, I don’t ever dream of remember even if I do. Is this what it means when dreams come true? You did not say you woke screaming, so I hope it was not that much of a horror. Good to read your words again Paul after so long….Gina


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