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“What Lies Beyond Death”

While I have not experienced temporal death and cannot speak intelligently on the topic as a result, I did witness the death of my child who pass[ed] after an extended illness. While our thought process during her illness remained positive, both of us were realists and understood the gravity of a prognosis of 35% survival. We were both very open about our thoughts on the matter.

I’ll skip over the two year battle she fought (perhaps I’ll write about it some time in the future), and skip right to her final day…


So begins one of the most powerfully moving blog posts I’ve read in more than a year.  Perhaps surprisingly, the post is written by a man entirely new to blogging.

Salizincendium, his username, is Latin for “Fox Fire”.  Please help him get off to an encouraging start by visiting his blog.   You can find it here.

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