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Why I Own and Operate a Lethal Weapon –This Blog

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In my defense, it was never meant to be a weapon.

It just sort of turned into one.

Some scurrilous people — people who know me all too well to be the sort of folk decent people willingly associate with — will say, “Predictably so”.

They will — all too gleefully, I suspect — point out that, as a writer, I am typically as reckless with my expressions as a drunken kangaroo stomping out grapes in a winery is careful with the grapes, and that it was thus inevitable this blog would quickly turn into a terrifying killing machine, fully capable of inducing in even its strongest readers a fierce, suicidal desire to plunge themselves full-face-forward into the nearest triple-D cleavage they can find — there to blessedly suffocate while no doubt whimpering the blog’s name.

Sure. Sure, I’ve heard it all before:

  • “Paul Sunstone passionately pours into each and every post a vital and essential part of himself — and gods, how we readers wish the egotistical creep would quit jerking off to his own writing!”
  • “Café Philos has been around for more than ten years now, during which time it has more than amply demonstrated the best years were the years Paul left it in hiatus.”
  • “Paul has yet to meet a profound and engaging idea he couldn’t reduce to something shallow and boring, much like grass, passing through a bull, is inevitably reduced to manure.”

Yeah, thank you all for those nearly daily emails of encouragement!  Albeit the majority of you have been encouraging me to commit myself to a retirement home, it’s the thought you care that sustains me.

So other than that, why do I blog?  Honestly, it’s mostly for myself.  But before any of you get Holier-Than-Teresums about how selfish that is, please consider: If I mainly did it for others, could I feel just as free to “do my thing”, my creative thing, just as true to myself as I can be — or would I be sorely tempted to pander to the crowd?

All my experience of life teaches me that art must be primarily created for the artist, least it be primarily created for the audience.  And if created for the audience, it inevitably suffers from a lack of creativity — to say nothing of new and possibly useful insights.  For me the playful joy of writing takes precedence over anyone or anything.

So there!  I do not mean to actually offend anyone (except Teresums), but in frank honesty, I am forced to place you second to me.  Sometimes I am tempted to revolt against that, but revolting against it is like challenging  a law of nature — you can never do so on your own terms, so you must always lose.

On the upside, y’all inspire me. Genuinely inspire me.  (Comments: Please keep them coming! You really need not make them “intelligent” or even encouraging — the mere fact you’ve taken a moment to say something is honestly enough for me.)  But why do you inspire me?

I could be wrong about this (as my first wife said to me on our wedding night), but I have been to other social media sites on the net, and near as I can tell, the audiences are in general somewhat less well informed, less thoughtful, and often remarkably less considerate than you folks.

If you think I’m merely flattering you, believe me: I’ve left out the very best parts so as to avoid even the appearance of flattery.

And if you don’t think I feel genuine gratitude towards you bunch of fractionally-known readers, and quite possible petty criminals (if I’m any judge of people), then you’re sorely mistaken.  And if you’re sorely mistaken, you should learn to use lubricant next time you read this blog. Just sayin’.

So that’s about it for me.  Naturally, there are other, more minor reasons I blog, why go into hours-long detail?  However, if you insist on learning of just one last real reason I blog — or at least, how I started blogging in the first place — please follow this link to a true-life but (I think) hilarious story.

So, let’s get to the often more interesting news: Why do you yourself blog?  What are the top two or three reasons for that?  And if you must send me nude selfies again, could you not be mooning me just this once?

16 thoughts on “Why I Own and Operate a Lethal Weapon –This Blog”

  1. “Paul Sunstone passionately pours into each and every post a vital and essential part of himself — and gods, how we readers wish the egotistical creep would quit jerking off to his own writing!”

    As i have said for the billionth time 😀

    I’m glad you haven’t selled out on your blog and enjoy singing your (in my view) astute opinions. Keep the fun up to 11! 😀


  2. I’m back! My Annual Solitary Camping Adventure is in the history books. Or rather in my blog… Remember my blog? Garnet’s Virtual Salon? You haven’t been there in a while, Paul. Garnet misses you. Anyway, love your blog, Paul, and I’m so glad I found it. I am in awe of the breadth of your life experience, the way you artfully narrate it, and also of your knowledge. Not to mention your humor. What more could a blog follower ask?


    1. I was wondering when you’d get back! I’ll check out how your trip went on your blog tonight.

      Cara, you are not half as glad to have found this blog as I am that you found this blog. There’s no way you can be that happy! 😀

      Thank you for the very kind words.


  3. An interesting perspective. I am blogging to raise awareness about mental illness, but at the same time I don’t care if anyone is reading particular posts as long as I personally feel strongly about them. The goal is for everyone to feel strongly about the same things I feel strongly about, and never disagree with me. (Kidding.) What I mean to say is, it is a wonderful thing to write for yourself primarily, but it is also nice to imagine that someone else is reading and benefiting from it. And when someone disagrees with you, then man, it means you really have something there. You made them care enough to call you out–good on you.


  4. Okay. I’m a fan. I’ve been a fan way before this blog existed. I even remember how overjoyed I was to know of its existence and that I’d been getting more doses of Sunstone for my enjoyment. I am also a lurker so I never said as much before.

    Yes, I can say I do write for myself but I do blog for myself only in part. I blog to share my thoughts and experiences that I feel have some importance, either to myself or might be found of value to others. If I were to point to a reason for blogging, it is to satisfy the need to share and communicate and it keeps me from talking my hubs ear off when he gets home from work. It’s also very useful for me to organise my thoughts on any subject just through the act of writing.


    1. That’s right! We first met on RF didn’t we? Wow! Can you believe how long ago that was?

      I am so grateful to you for following me all these years. Your support has meant so much, even though you don’t always comment.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. 13 years ago…I had to go look it up. I knew it was over ten years ago but wow. It’s been a long time. I think I lurked so much on that site but the reading and the discussions were always thought-provoking.


  5. Why do I blog? I like words and stringing them together. If they make sense and others enjoy them too, then that’s reason enough 🙂 BUT the unexpected bit, the joy of it, is meeting others who like it too. And we get to be internet friends!


  6. I think you touch on something very important here, Paul. The artist creates for himself/herself first and for his/her audience second. If the artist does not enjoy his/her work, it simply becomes an arduous task.

    I think back to the days when I played in bar bands. I didn’t spend countless hours learning music and practicing with the band because I wanted to please a bunch of people that were likely too intoxicated to remember the experience. I did it because I loved it. And the day I stopped loving it was the day I put my rig up on eBay and sold it.

    Why do I blog? Because Paul made me do it. So if you happen to stumble on my annoying blog and find yourself reading my insufferable posts, blame Paul.

    Of course I jest. Reading Paul’s work and his invaluable advice inspire me to write…not just to write, but to write well.


  7. I blog because I like the sound of my own voice, because I hope to give pleasure to my readers, and because I aim, by so doing, to encourage them to shape their opinions to match reality, since otherwise I believe my grandchildren will have to live through even greater horrors than those endured by my grandparents.


    1. “To encourage them to shape their opinions to match reality”. I can think of no better way to express not only a personal goal in writing, but the one best reason to read that writing. And I do agree with you that the alternative to realism is to risk atrocities.

      Or as Voltaire put it, “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”


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