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Are We Better Off Being an Unique Individual, or Being True to Ourselves?

Kat put up a post on her blog today (Kat’s Observations) about individualism that got me thinking.  Yes, I know how improbable that is, but it really happened — I thunk on it.

What she inspired me to wonder is this:  Which is — or perhaps, ought to be — more important to us.  To be unique individuals or to be true to ourselves?

Those two are not always the same thing, albeit they can be.  I recall being a rather contrary teen.  If someone said “yes”, I said “no”.  If someone said “white”, I said “black”.  But I wasn’t, for all my contrariness, exceptionally true to myself.  In fact, I might have been a bit below average in that department because I would so often take a contrary position even when it amounted to a betrayal of myself.

So I don’t think being unique is always the same as being true, and — nowadays at least — I don’t pay much attention to being unique.  But I do find happiness and a sense of purpose in being true.

So what do you think?

4 thoughts on “Are We Better Off Being an Unique Individual, or Being True to Ourselves?”

  1. I think that if we start to be true to ourselves we would also become unique. Because out of all the things you could possibly be, what is the probability that you will turn out the be like everyone else?


    1. An excellent point! I would completely agree provided the word “tend” to become unique is in there. The probability you will turn out like anyone else might be low, but there are seven billion of us now, moreover, there are constants in basic human nature.

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  2. What can we possibly do to be unique? And it’s not worth it if it’s not being true to yourself. And being true to yourself tends to separate you from the herd anyways.


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