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Think the Left is the Real Enemy of Free Speech? Think again!

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I don’t usually post on politics, and certainly not day-to-day politics. When I do post on politics, I prefer the grand timeless themes — such as the conflict between elites and non-elites — that can help us to see deeply into what’s behind the daily stuff.

And mostly I don’t post because there are a million other sites that do a much better job of that than I ever could.

Yet, today I came across some things that need saying because they are about free speech in America, and free speech is the very foundation of all other freedoms and liberties. If a government can take away your right to speak your mind, it can take away every other right you have as well.

Now, the radical extremists on the left who have in recent years sought to limit free speech on campuses are admittedly dangerous fools.

But they strike me as decidedly a minority of leftists. Mostly they are young and foolish university and college students and junior faculty. Of course, that’s bad enough and the rest of the left must zealously oppose them.

But is the left in general the enemy of free speech? I challenge anyone who thinks so to provide the polling that shows it.

On the other hand, a recent poll conducted by the reputable Ipsos house of right wing views has tellingly revealed that a full 43% of all Republicans would support the President dictatorially shutting down news outlets in America that offended him.

That compares with only 12% of Democrats who would do the same.

Think about that folks. Forty-three percent of Republicans!

Food for thought for anyone who has not already chosen to be willfully stupid about the real enemies of freedom in this country.

7 thoughts on “Think the Left is the Real Enemy of Free Speech? Think again!”

  1. We were having a discussion the other day on how America values Freedom of Speech over anything else. Here in India, free speech comes with a hell lot of restrictions! It will be a bad move if they decide to restrict free speech of any form.


    1. I certainly agree with you about restricting free speech! When I first learned the world’s largest democracy heavily restricted it, I was puzzled. I still am.

      I am certain free speech is absolutely key to the functioning of any liberal society. All else depends on it. And yet folks, in their wisdom, so often think they can long get away with restricting it for reasons other than when it incites to violence or harm.

      Why do you suppose India restricts it?

      Welcome to the blog! I hope you will visit often.

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  2. Yes Freedom of Speech in India is terribly restricted. I think there is no one answer to this question. One of reasons I reckon is a lot of people in India are terribly intolerant and disrespectful of opinions of others and being a multicultural and multi-religious this can ignite quite a commotion. Secondly, our leaders have gruesome skeletons hidden in their closets and thrive on divide and rule. They certainly will not wish for complete freedom of speech or that of the press.


    1. Fascinating! We suffer from the same problem of intolerance and disrespect as you do. I wonder now if the trend towards it isn’t worldwide. That’s a scary thought.

      Very interesting analysis.


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