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I Have Traveled Far to Become a Dancer

I am not by any means a spiritually enlightened individual, but I have come far enough now that I have begun to wonder — as if it were a strange and unfamiliar fact to me now — how anyone can wish to be a jerk.

I am resigned to the likely fact that I shall never get much further than that in my life, not even if I live another twenty or another thirty years.  And unfortunately, I am quite far from immune to still now and then being a jerk myself.

Should I strive to correct that about myself, or to merely resign myself to still being a jerk at times?  The question gives me real pause.  Wisdom sometimes lies in one path, and sometimes in the other.

There are no paths in life that it is wise to forever follow.  We must ever step as lightly as dancers on the paths that we take least someday we discover we’ve committed to the wrong one.

It is not the wise person, but the fanatic, who never learns to dance.

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