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When I Really Want to Travel

(About a 1 minute read)

I want to travel to New York City
Someday so that I will know
How “glamour” is defined,
And then the French County side
Outside Paris to know
Who created impressionism and why.

Afterwards India to understand
The village and the family
And North Korea to learn
What the ghosts
Of the human spirit
Are buried in.

But when I really want to travel
I won’t go to any city or nation,
To any mountain or valley,
Not even to your temples,
Your mosques, churches,
Or synagogues.
Nor your universities
And great houses of learning.

I’ll go inside myself
A thousand worlds deep.

14 thoughts on “When I Really Want to Travel”

    1. Soundarya, I must confess to being a shameless thief.

      I read your post mentioning the “glamour” of NYC, and was so struck by your imagery that I stole it. In fact, it was the seed that grew into the poem you just read.

      I’m willing to settle out of court if you are. But whatever the outcome of our now inevitable legal battles, I will remain genuinely grateful to you for the inspiration you passed along to me.

      By the way, welcome to the blog. I’m honestly delighted to see you. Enjoy my posts, but watch your wallet and your words, please. I cannot myself be trusted with either.

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      1. Hahaha! I love the way you responded to that. Genuinely 🙂
        For all you know, I might have stolen those lines myself from somewhere else. I believe inspiration comes from the randomest of memories and that’s why a good writer will also be an avid reader. I know someone who blatantly disagrees that’s she’s a brilliant writer because she claims everything she writes are just bits and pieces of all the books she’s ever read.
        I’m glad I visited your blog too! I look forward to future interactions 🙂


  1. Well said…..but you can go to a dictionary to know how “glamour” is defined, and to TV to see how it is displayed. Funny thing about glamour: it seems so dreamy when I watch a Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers film on TV, and so phony when I see today’s glamour. Either I’m getting very old, of glamour has gotten very shallow.


    1. Good to see you again, but I absolutely disagree with you about going to the dictionary. The dictionary definition is a second-hand interpretation, the city itself is the source, the real thing. Go to the dictionary if you must and have faith in others, but I’ll take the source. 😀

      That’s all said playfully, of course. 😀


  2. You sound like a dreamer like I am. Every morning I keep narrating to my colleagues about places I want to see, Paris, New York, Iceland, Holland, Cambodia, Peru and they laugh at my sheer stupidity. One day, one day, I pray!


    1. I think you’re right that I’m a dreamer, but I honestly don’t travel well. Maybe because I have almost no practice of it. However, I don’t laugh at travelers. Far from it, I read travel blogs and dream of being with them in exotic places. You see, it always fascinates to learn how someone else sees the world. It’s like it opens up a new world to me, and at my age, when you’ve seen it all, that becomes key.

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  3. The ultimate journey is to go within isn’t it? And after that you could always come to Australia. 😏 However, I know you’re not an avid traveller so perhaps you can just tag along with me.


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