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Help! I Need Help! (Seriously)

Ok. Ok, I grant it’s no news to any of my astute readers that I need help, but this time it’s special and different, albeit genuine.  You may have noticed I’ve got an “About This Blog” page that I have conveniently made easily accessible to you flesh eaters in the hope it will distract you for a few moments while I prepare my next post for your unholy and ravenous consumption.

The problem is this: The testimonials from other bloggers about Café Philos you can find on that page are a decade old and way out of date.  I need your help updating them.  I need fresh, new testimonials.

So, here’s what I’m thinking: I am fully prepared to write a short, honest review of your blog if you are just as prepared to write a short, honest review of my blog.  That’s it!  Simple.

Umm…granted, you get screwed.

Yes, this will be no escape for you from the most notable fact of life that you always get screwed somehow.  Sorry I couldn’t figure out a way for it to be an exception.  But the truth is, your blog probably has more traffic than mine — or is at least more charming — so it’s an unequal deal.

But try thinking of it this way: Maybe there really is a god, maybe he wants us to be kind to each other, and maybe you’ll get brownie points for helping out a lost soul.

Umm…yeah, right.  Even I cannot believe a deity would care about a blog review.  So, if you do it, do it for yourself.

What say?  Want something quick to post today?  You shouldn’t need to write a book to do it.  Just let me know you’re interested, please.

6 thoughts on “Help! I Need Help! (Seriously)”

  1. Yours is a great blog from my perspective.Humerous mostly and to the point.The language used is of very high calibre with plenty of information and enjoyable, many times thought provoking.The subject selected is simple and also complicated.Fellows like me with small brains…..have to read deeply and nevertheless I some of the subject you touch are to my taste enjoying .Wish I have sometime exclusively alloted to your blog.How you are able to cover topics from A to Z,not that simple………Keep posting.The opinion I am giving is from bottom of my heart.


    1. Thank you so much, PTP! Very kind of you. I enjoy your blog too. You do quite well what you set out to do, which as I take it, is to be thought-provoking and entertaining in the most economic manner possible, using the fewest sentences.


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