Revenge is All in How it’s Done

(About a 2 minute read)

I’ve turning in my years into a bad man,
A self-righteous jerk who is plotting
Vengeance on all the old ladies
Who once were his young lusts
And who didn’t care for him too much.

Yes, I’m bitter now and cynical
About women in general —
Even the young ones —
But especially the ones
Who are old enough now
To have once denied me fucks
Back when it actually mattered.

I don’t care it’s been decades
And few of them really knew me,
I’m a man of fashions, you see.

The fashion today is to turn life
Into gratuitous outrage, live in false views,
And with obscene hopes, and then hope
Someone else for it bleeds.

My spirit’s twisted and tortured,
And blighted with rust,
You wouldn’t think there’s much
To redeem me — even my mother
Had to leave.

So I’m plotting my vengeance,
I’m plotting it surely,
I’m plotting to make
As many young and old women as I can
Feel themselves valued,
Feel themselves cherished,
Feel themselves adored.

Well maybe you don’t think
That’s as evil as I do,
Maybe you think I’ve got it wrong.
But look at it from my view:

Back in the day my hormones raged
I couldn’t see more
Than her tits and her ass.
I treated them all
Like they were foreign objects
Or like they were aliens from space.
I didn’t think of them
As persons at all.

And yeah in truth
I often got laid and more often
Than most of the boys back then.

But it’s never that good,
It’s never that healthy
To be into pussy
More than you are into her herself.

So I hear you asking,
I hear you condemning,
I hear now your battle cry.
“Why”, you’re saying,
“Why then do you plot out revenge?”

You see it’s simple
When you look at it right,
Simple as can be.

I want to make the ladies
Happier than can be
I want to make them proud,
And I want to thank them
For being themselves.

For then they’ll be all confused
Someone has for once in their lives
Treated them as human,
Treated them as mattering,
Treated them like he cared.

And that’ll be my revenge,
My sweetly savored revenge.
But it’s not really against them,
It’s not really against them at all.

Mostly it’s against our fucking culture,
A culture that really screws with us all.
And mostly it’s against human nature,
The part of us with hormones
That can blind us when we’re young.

Yeah, against them I plot revenge,
Yes, against them I plot revenge.
Look out! I’m coming for revenge.

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