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Late Night Thoughts: Buttons and Trolls, Courtship and Regrets, Fake Knowledge, Brick Walls, and More (August 13, 2018)

(About a 3 minute read)

There are so many toxic people and places on the net — villainous people who will jump you, not for money, but out of gratuitous outrage, or for some ideology they’re too dull to know better than to swallow whole.

Bloggers have it best.  Almost no trolls.  Every blog comes with a ban button, you see, in order to put the kids to bed so that the adults can have a conversation.


If humans had better foresight, there just would not be a whole lot of men who fail to ever ask out that woman.  You know, that woman they’re going to keenly regret never having made an effort for, never having courted at all — regret in about twenty years.


The night is coming — coming even now for some of us — and we should have known, we could have seen it coming if only our brains were loaded for bear when it comes to foresight.  You’ve got twenty years before it hits you — hits you harder than stupidity — you probably would have crashed and burned, but she was worth at least that much.


Don and I drove up Seven Falls Canyon the other day.  It had been so long since I’d been to some place so beautiful.  I didn’t realize how much I had been suppressing the thought, suppressing the need for a nature-fix until we got past the first few gorgeous, hundred-foot cliffs, and I started full on craving the next and the next after that.

Nature.  We hadn’t the time the other day to get out of the car, but just driving up to the canyon roof, then down again, was enough to knock some points off my blood pressure — maybe extend my heart another hour or two.


Now and then someone tells me I’m profound.  I don’t know if that’s true.  I prefer to think it’s not me that is profound, but life itself, and I’m just a bit skilled at finding apt words to blabber on about it.


The usual reason you cannot teach us a thing, nor correct us even with a full weight of reason and evidence, is not because we are stupid (though we may still be willfully stupid), but because we are emotionally clinging to what we merely think we know.

Maybe what people know, or think they know, might just be the biggest cause of intellectual train wrecks in the history of humanity  — a far bigger cause than stupidity.


 Whenever I sit down to really think about how poor of a judge someone must be of human nature in order to believe Donald Trump is a decent man I don’t get angry, I don’t get sad.  I get lonely.  A touch lonely.  As I’m forced to contemplate that some people’s thinking is full alien to mine and we’ll never find much in common. Never.

That’s yet another way the man divides us.


One night when I was at university, I came to share a bar table with some Japanese exchange students — four or five beautiful girls.  Beautiful.

Oddly enough the one right next to me spoke almost no English.  How can one study in America without any English?  But there she was!

As it turned out, she decided almost the moment I sat down that she wanted to go to bed with me that night but couldn’t overcome the difficulty of communicating through a translator the fact of the matter to me in a way that was both polite and clear enough (at least clear enough for me back then).

“She says she is curious what men and women in America do in bed with each other.”

“She says her parents are worried that she will meet an American boy and sleep with him, never then to return to Japan.”

“She asks if it is true that men and women go to bed soon after they meet here in America.”

“She says you are being denser than honorable four-layer-thick brick wall.”


The one thing I do know about some Japanese women — such as my ex wife — is that they can be free-spirited in bed, never having been taught to feel shame or guilt for anything that gets done there.

That certainly seems to free up their imaginations for a bit of playful experiment and fun.

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