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Becky’s Belief in Spiritual Energy

(About a 5 minute read)

Eric is an online friend who took his doctorate in physics.

I don’t know if he took his doctorate anywhere other than that, but I think he really should take it to a movie or fine restaurant every now and then.  I mean, presumably Eric has mounted his degree by now — he might as well show his degree that it means more to him than a mere quickie.

I’ve told Eric as much, of course, but his phone must be one of those older models that barely functions because the line has always gone dead on me when I’ve encouraged him to be more considerate of his physics degree’s pheelings.

At any rate, Eric said something a few years ago that has stuck with me now like a mask on a raccoon.

We were talking about what people might mean when they speak of “spiritual energy”. Eric then mentioned that fysics had advanced to the point where it was now about as unlikely as the moon suddenly exploding (exploding much like your nose would explode if a housefly suddenly shot straight up it) that physicists would ever detect a new form of energy that had not already been discovered.

Which, to my thinking, raises some issues with the use of the word “energy” or “spiritual energy”.  But I’ll get to those issues later.  Right now, I think it’s time to mention Becky.

Becky is not Eric — and I’m proud to say that not once has my sharp mind ever failed to see that Becky is not Eric, which is a fact testifying that the awesome processing capacity of my brain has not been diminished in the least by all my years of cutting-edge experimentation in extreme forms of masturbation — often involving mountable university degrees.

Indeed, I have personally taken my awesome ability to discern that Becky is not Eric to heart as encouragement to apply to Harvard for a physics degree.

However, after respectfully submitting my application, I only received in reply a ridiculously emotional message from some poor delusional fool calling himself a piece of furniture. The “physics department’s lounge chair”,  if I recall now.

The obviously hallucinating “chair” then proceeded to lecture me on my needing to “wake up” and “get a clue” that Harvard was “NOT” in the business of “selling $29.95 mountable degrees”.   Naturally, the “chair’s” use of the word “mountable” could only excite me.

So I wrote back saying I would simply wait until grade inflation caught up with Harvard’s graduate program in physics and the cost of mountable degrees became more reasonable.   But all he’s sent back so far has been a pic of his exposed buttocks, such as I am quite accustomed to frequently receiving from my loyal readers.

Indeed, some of my longer-term readers cheerfully keep me updated on what’s going on with their buttocks four to twelve times a year.  You see, blogging is all about the warm and fuzzy bond you form with your readers — especially your longer-term ones.

Anyway, unlike Eric, Becky talks about “spiritual energy” — although she does not always use the word “spiritual;”.   Moreover, I usually understand what Becky means by “energy”.

I noticed over two decades ago that when Becky talks about “energy” she often has something in mind that I myself can see is there.  For instance, she might say, “Charlotte is broadcasting bad energy today”, and mean (in my language), “Charlotte is dumping her bad mood on everyone today”.

Becky might now and then mean something more “spiritual” than that — I don’t always “get” what she’s saying — but I’d say most of the time I can understand her.

But let’s talk about those times I cannot understand her — what does she mean then?

Well, near as I can figure out, what Becky means on those occasions when I cannot understand her is some kind of “energy” that is radically different from the energy of the physicists — which is apparently the only energy that can be actually reliably detected or measured.

Now call me a, “Suckcannated Cummle-Sqwallack”. if you must, but I am of the firm opinion that it is possible — at least possible — that there is a generally undetectable and un-measurable “spiritual energy” out there somewhere.  An energy Becky now and then references in an effort to explain this or that thing to me.

So far as I can see, it is highly unlikely that such an energy exists, but I cannot absolutely say it doesn’t.  Moreover, in conversations with Becky, I much prefer to believe she knows what she’s talking about than to believe she is just as tragically deluded as that poor Harvard man who thinks he’s a chair.

Besides, it’s not like Becky hurts anyone by believing in “spiritual energy”.  So it’s not really any of my proper business anyway what she believes — apart from I’m always interested in Becky as a person, and that includes an interest in any beliefs she holds near and dear.

But suppose I decided — foolishly decided — to “educate” Becky about the “many reasons she might want to at least be reluctant” to claim the existence of spiritual energy.  As a practical matter, how long would that take?

Even if Becky was open-minded about it and wanted to learn all the ins and outs of why spiritual energy is unlikely to exist, we’d be talking about an university semester’s worth of learning.  So “educating” Becky is something I’d be quite reluctant to undertake unless she absolutely wanted me to.

Last, I would be willing to guess that even Eric would see Becky’s belief in “spiritual energy” much the same way I do.  I would guess that because Eric is, like me, an agnostic.  He is also an easy-going, friendly man who has insisted on staying in touch with me over the years by periodically updating me on the appearance of his buttocks.

So on the question of spiritual energy, I take the position that I suspect it doesn’t exist, but I don’t know that for certain, and moreover it seems to harm no one to believe that it does indeed exist.

Questions?  Comments?  Kind requests for my email address so as to update me on the current status of your buttocks?

15 thoughts on “Becky’s Belief in Spiritual Energy”

  1. Now you helped me, Paul. First of all, because I found yet another way to procrastinate unimportant stuff, my school wants me to hand, so the can grow more paper towers.

    Second because I think I might add something to your insightful and witty observations. First of all, to me it makes not much sense to categorize energy. Of course a physicist would be interested in do so.

    If you trust neurobiologists then mostly what happens in our brain are biochemical processes, generating energy. For the sake of my argument, let’s call it mental energy, just to have a reference point.

    If I care for someone and love them unconditionally (note: this could be anybody, love is by no means at all limited to romantic relationships, at least not in the sense I perceive it to be a universal force (or as I once called it “cosmic glue”) or if you want energy. Because what else are you doing having loving thoughts towards a person, a thing, a piece of art, somebody you wish to help overcome obstacles in their lives?

    You are generating mental energy. Now comes the tricky part. Of course this is merely my construct and holds no scientific value, but: this energy undoubtedly changes you. It transforms you, so you become a transformator and the transformed at the same time such as you are able to forgive any flaw of your beloved spouse, get over your sleep deprivation to console a hurt child, rescue a cat from a tree, even though you always believed you had a mortal fear of heigths. These acts of kindness or love if you wish are made possible because you generated enough energy to do so. And by doing so you transformed the initial impulse of mental energy which probably was a mere spark in your neural pathways into a concrete physical manifestation of said impulse. You are able to tap into a potential of energy which cannot be explained by mere biochemical processes in your body.

    Maybe this potential is what some believe to be spiritual energy. But I continue to calling it love. Or cosmic glue. Or whatever you wanna call it.

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    1. Wholly thought provoking comments, Matthias. Thank you so much for sharing them.

      Unconditional love is to me a mystery. A huge question mark. I have experienced it, but my experiences of it have each time only prompted more questions about it.

      Perhaps the biggest question I have about unconditional love, bro, is one I most likely will never have an answer to. “Is unconditional love god?” Naturally, I do not mean the god of any existing religions.

      However, unconditional love has a whole lot of traits in common with what I would expect a god to have.

      And you see, if unconditional love were god, then perhaps there would be a way or sense in which it was also “spiritual energy” — because, obviously, what is more energetic than a deity?

      By the way, it has forever and a day fascinated me that the biochemical energy produced in our bodies is electricity — the same as lights our houses, etc. I never seem able to get over my amazement at that.

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      1. I think or I rather believe that unconditional love is human and superhuman and metahuman and interspecial. Long after we will be gone it will still be there, smiling in every bud, in every stone, every river. We can choose to feel its presence and we can give it because it is abundance. That’s what I believe in. It’s the core of my belief. That there is love in US. I don’t care where it came from. I don’t care about them gods, They don’t speak to me. You do.


  2. I work in higher education, half the people here think they’re chairs! They are truly exhausting! Everyone just plays along, lets them have their pipe dreams. If being a chair fulfills them in life, who am I to stand in the way of that?
    As for spiritual energy… I have my doubts about its existence. But I do yoga, and I’ve been trying QiGong lately, and imagining energy is undeniably impactful as a visualization tool.


  3. Paul, it’s such a relief to finally read an intelligent post about buttocks. BUTTocks… buTTocks.. bottOCKS.. a lovely word however you say it. I only mention this in passing (naturally I’m not showing off, or belittling your pathetic pile of repro’s) – I have a quite valuable collection of famous posteriors, framed in gilt toilet seats, hanging in my bathroom. They are the proud results of a great deal of digging at dead of night. Posteriors saved for posterity!

    I’m going to Gracelands next week.

    As to your frankly, puny, collection of reproductions of insignificant ‘friends’, would you like me to forward you a printed copy of my buttocks? They’re not as young as they used to be, and they contain little meat, but they are a fine example of what to avoid in life, and I’m confident that they are as good as anything you already possess. I’m afraid you can’t have the rights to the original pair after I die, since I promised them to the devil.


    1. I write intelligent posts? I wrote an intelligent post? OMG? What if it’s true? What if it’s like Jane says? OMG! OMG! OMG! That would mean I’m not as dumb as everyone says I am! But wait…If I’m smart, does that mean I’ve got to serve in the Army now?

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      1. NO! The last thing the army needs is somebody with intelligence. There would be dire consequences.

        With your fine brain, I’m sure you can imagine what form those dire consequences would take.


  4. fights through forest of tangents and side tracks to finally get to end of post. disappointed that there are no final questions about mountable degrees, sinks into lounge chair
    I don’t know about spiritual energy vs. regular energy, vs. energy bars, vs. energy drinks (Hey there’s an idea- someone should market a Spiritual Energy Drink!), but I know about degrees and certificates. Once you have a degree, you keep accumulating these lame-o certificates. For instance, I earned the right to print one out this morning after sitting on my butt (condition of my butt after extended sitting session- fatigued) in front of my computer for 6 hours completing a ‘continuing education’ program required by my employer. The program was actually pretty good, but the certificate is kind of silly. It looks like it should be mounted on a wall. but that’s stupid. It’s just a ‘continuing ed’ thing.

    It made me think of my Dad, who took his doctorate in limnology. Whenever he got a silly certificate, he would hang it up on the wall of our outhouse (yes, we had indoor plumbing, but with only one bathroom in our house we made regular use of the old-fashioned out house). So… getting a silly certificate this morning ALMOST (but not quite) made me wish I had an outhouse to hang it in.


      1. I honestly know nothing at all about telepathy. But intuition is to my understanding the best means possible of arriving at creative ideas. I do believe those ideas need to rigorously checked against logical reasoning and empirical fact before we adopt them, though. But I know of no means better than intuition of cooking them up in the first place. You can see for miles and miles on a good day through it.


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