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Sometimes You’re My Hero

I love you toots.
I really love you.
Sometimes more than I love
Me, and I love me a lot.

You are not very rational.
You are not very creative.
You are not very smart.
And you live dysfunctional,
Tripping over your own thoughts,
Addicted to dramas
That live only in your head.

But babe, you face
The same lonely struggles
That I face too,

Only with twice my courage,
Three times my grace,
And kindness beyond
My deepest fathoming.

You’re more than my love,
Sometimes you’re my hero, too.

9 thoughts on “Sometimes You’re My Hero”

    1. That’s quite perceptive! But it was only about a fifth Tara — although an important fifth. I loved Tara more than I loved me.

      A bit more than that was inspired by Suzanne. Suzanne is the drama queen, the dysfunctional one.

      But the last two stanzas, Sarah — those are pure Teresums. She’s all that and more.

      I’m so glad you liked it. I think it’s one of my better efforts.

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