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The Thoughts That Bring Humble Tears to My Eyes

(About a 1 minute read)

Dedicated to all the tragic women
who know me and whose bodies
Thus ache for mine…


I am of course a sensitive man,
Far from callous towards the needs
Of womenfolk. Far from a brute
To their legitimate desires.

And so I am pained sometimes,
At night when in bed alone,
So pained I can all but hear
Their whispering hearts moan,
Soft as tender moss in a wind,
And tragically yearn for me.
Moan and yearn for me.

Me, a man of awesome proportions
Down there — Simply awesome
Down there.

Simply awesome.

Fully three astounding inches
Of power-packed, thrusting,
Lust-inducing love rocket,
And fully rampant at times
With compassion for the babes
Out there.

Alas! In my sensitive soul
I must hear their skin cry out
Bitter in their nights —
Aghast that I am celibate!

Disbelieving, shaking their heads
Even as they sleep,
I can feel them out there —
I know the women roll in bed,
Tossing, turning, denying it’s so,
Dreaming, dreaming on
In anguished disbelief.

Thus, once again I must fall asleep,
Tonight once again I must fall asleep,
With these troubled thoughts that bring
Humble tears to my compassionate eyes.

6 thoughts on “The Thoughts That Bring Humble Tears to My Eyes”

    1. It’s my dark side, you see. I once tried to repress it, but no luck. It came out anyway — but in a twisted way: I developed a fetish for delivering Baptist sermons to underage choir girls while dressed in a second hand chicken outfit with a feather duster stuck up my butt. Still, I thought I might make a go of it but then the cost of the abortions broke me. I’m still paying off the loans for them.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Bahaha! If that’s not rock bottom I don’t know what is!!
        I’ll tell you a secret, I have this fetish for white men. So do most of my girlfriends… all they seem to date are white men! It’s such a widespread fetish in the States, I have to wonder why?


      2. It’s curious to me how you would develop a fetish like that? Any idea how it came about?

        I’m not blind to race by any means, but it’s not something I’ve thought of as fetish material. Now the appearance of a woman’s breasts by moonlight…..


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