Alienation, Apathy, Human Nature, Impermance, Life, Love

Were We Fated to Come to This?

(About a 1 minute read)

You sit in your chair
I sit on my couch
Our eyes sharing
Only the TV screen.

Which might as well now
Be a wall between us
That excuses us
From looking
At each other.

You hear me
Without speaking,
You speak to me
Without hearing, too.

Has it come to this?

Come at last to us,
The couple whose laughter
Once made strangers
Giggle and smile?

The pair whose eyes
Danced in candlelight
Across a small table
We both complained
Separated us by miles.

You could not touch
My skin nearly enough
Back when our days
Seemed dew-strewn.

Were we the two lovers
We once saw on the lake
Standing in the fires
Of a burning sunset?

Or was that someone,
Someone else now?

Now when I hear
Your heart beating
It sounds to me
Like a dog barking,
Raging against its chain,
Trying for its life
To jerk free.

Was it fated for us
To come so far
Just to come to this?

Are all couples now
Fated to come so far,
Just to come to this?

I’ll leave you
If I can’t
Leave you today.

It’s for your best
And for mine —
My last ember of love,
The last one that’s left,
The last thing
I can do for you now.

19 thoughts on “Were We Fated to Come to This?”

  1. One to really pull at the heart strings. Very good, Paul. I only had a problem with maybe one or two of the lines, other than that, I think this is a really well crafted piece. Thank you for sharing!


      1. Upon my second reading, I’m no longer sure if my initial reservations are valid. However, the lines which struck me as slightly off the first go ’round were, “leaning against its chain” — I thought perhaps “raging against its chain” would fit the tone of the following two lines more succinctly. To lean seems a bit idle. Also “By too many miles” is perhaps a superfluous line, as the previous line before it seems to illustrate the idea of longing perfectly. These, of course, are very minor complaints. I do very much think this is a great, poignant piece of work!


  2. i love the sound of a heartbeat as a chained dog trying to break free! my heart has felt that way. however, as an eternally optimistic romantic with fatalistic tendencies, i have to say–no. not all of us. surely not all of us.


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