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Of All That Her Heart Ever Past to Mine

(About a 2 minute read)

I am grateful to my mother
For her last words to me
Which she spoke months
Before her death at 99.

She was by then bound
To a wheelchair, her body
Scared from operations
And with parts missing
That had betrayed her
Long before the day
She last spoke to me.

She was not always there,
Drifted in and out at times.
Mostly out. Long ago
Her wonderful mind
Began confusing itself.
Her personality changed too.
Now she could be rude
And aggressive, callous
And cruel.

It froze my heart,
Hurt like ice on fire,
When she was like that,
So much someone else.
So much already gone.

Though she was never
Like that to me.
Only the kind staff
At her final home.

And I resented
That I’d lost her —
Her wisdom, insight,
Humor and advice.

I could yearn,
Like an infant yearns
To suckle a breast,
To hear her witty
Observations again.

My brother called me
From her room
But she was too deaf
To hear me over the phone,

And maybe didn’t know
What was going on at all.

Then she caught on

And I heard “Is that Paul?”

Suddenly her voice was young,
Twenty years younger and clean,
Clean as a huge boulder
After a mountain storm.

Crisp as a Hawk’s beak,
And out-stretching to me
Like an eagle’s wings.

Her voice rose
Like a sacred breeze,
And she with passionate force,
So forceful that I felt
Her turning her head
Towards the phone:

“I love you, Paul!”

The words were words
Commonly said by moms
But they were alive.

Yes her words were true,
But also a final summation
Of her life with me,
Of my life with her.

Of all that her heart
Ever passed to mine,
Of all of the gifts
My mother ever gave me,

None was finer than
Her last.

This poem was inspired by Tylor J. Mintz’s Love From Another Place.

11 thoughts on “Of All That Her Heart Ever Past to Mine”

  1. This is quite touching, and very personal so thank you for sharing. I like the scattered imagery of weather and birds, such memories can fly and rumble. I agree with the above posts, beautifully written.


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