Human Nature, Life, Love, Passion, Poetry, Unconditional Love

“Rise Up! Rise Up Instead!”

(About a 2 minute read)

You tell me you worry I grow old
And must one day too soon
Pass on by like the river flows,
Or like the winds pass on by,
For everything sooner or later
Must pass on by.

Do you not see, do you not accept
My passion to make sense
And create beauty out of the raw
Materials of living is a torrent,
Is a deluge, and that some day
Absolutely must subside?

There is not raw life in living
To fuel forever fires that burn
As high and as green as mine.

Come to me now, little one,
To be cherished while I yet live.

And this I will tell you about
Human fate, life, and death:

When my time is past
Do not console yourself I live on
Somewhere among the clouds,
In some eternal paradise,
Merged with god in perfect union,
Or even somewhere reborn.

No, I do not scorn those thoughts,
But I do not myself indulge in them either.
And even if come true they must
What does that really have in it for you?

But neither rage against the night for me,
For that rage must someday subside
Into despair. Inevitably subside
Into despair.

No, little one, come to me now
Learn by the light of my example
How to burn, burn like a green fire,
Like a child’s young and fearless heart.

See how the flames inside me dance
So that your fires will dance too.
Learn how lightly I step, how lightly I stand,
Even when I slay dragons for you,
Even when I bear burdens for you.

Come to me now, little one, come
To be cherished while I yet live,
But when time has stormed my fortress
And I’ve fallen from my tower
Into the abyss, weep a few for me,
But not too many, and tell not your heart
Any idea so foolish as that it can break.

“Rise up!”, I say, “Rise up instead!
Don’t allow your sorrow to kill you,
Make it ignite the fuel of life instead.
Make it ignite the fuel of life instead.

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